Kabbalah Centre Teacher and Author Karen Berg Shares Knowledge About Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is recognized by Kabbalists as an important day Moses returned from the mountain after praying sincerely to God for restoration and holy reconciliation of the people. Kabbalah Centre’s teacher and author, Karen Berg shares knowledge about Kabbalah Centre Yom Kippur in an informative and inspirational article, “Yom Kippur: An At-One-Ment with the Creator.” Moses was inspired by God to pray for his people after they built a golden calf to worship. He prayed conscientiously for God’s forgiveness and petitioned Him to restore love and oneness among the people who were delivered from Egyptian bondage. Berg explains Yom Kippur as the day an atonement took place with him pleading to God to have mercy and love upon his people to know more: https://www.youtube.com/user/kabbalah click here.

The teachings of Rav Berg provide discernment to those who have an ear to listen and apply the Word of God to their daily lives. God provided Moses with instructions, judgement and knowledge of things happening in the universe that made a return to at-one-ment with the creator on the tenth day of Libra, also known as Tishrei. Kabbalists teach students that on Yom Kippur wisdom took place in the cosmic. Karen Berg said in the article that Rav Isaac Luria and Rav Ashlag teach students about biblical history, science and physics to provide understanding of cosmic and Yom Kippur. To reach the highest level of spiritual growth during our times, we must understand what is happening within us, including our thoughts and actions.

The same Yom Kippur Moses experienced during biblical times is applicable to humanity today. We have to transform our former ways of thinking that is consumed with negativity into positive joyful thoughts. During the transformation process we go through different stages of spiritual growth. Karen Berg stated in the article that Yom Kippur is the final stage of completely removing those negative qualities from our thoughts.

Kabbalah Centre founded during the early 1920’s and teaches students the principles of Kabbalah in understandable lessons through audio, courses, classroom settings, books, and virtual lectures. Karen Berg is one of the teachers who is devoted to teaching and mentoring students in the Kabbalistic program. In summary, Kabbalists teaches the importance of repentance to overcome evil and live our lives as God designed for all humanity.

Houston Company Talos Energy Joins Hands with Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas to Sink A Well In Mexican Waters

In a landmark development, Houston company Talos Energy joined hands with Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas and the London-based Premier Oil Plc to sink a well together in Mexican waters. That is a watershed moment for the Mexican Oil & gas industry in that this is the first time since 1938 that the drilling of an offshore well has been allotted to organizations other than the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos.

This development is significant for the Mexican industry in the sense that the drilling of this well is the first instance of a non-Premex well being sunk since the opening up of Mexican waters as part of the process of reform being undertaken by the Mexican oil industry. There is no doubt about the fact that this development will be of immense interest to the industry, especially in light of the fact that geologically the drilling has a great chance of success.

Talos Energy is definitely the right kind of company to be associated with this project in the sense that it is a private upstream oil & gas company specializing in exploration and the possible exploitation or if need be the acquisition of oil and gas assets in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. They have sound financial backing from investment funds associated with Apollo Global Management, LLC (NYSE: APO), Riverstone Holdings LLC, and Talos management.

Talos Energy is renowned for their strategizing process for which their ownership of 33,000 square miles of cutting edge seismic data that pretty much covers the areas in their portfolio. That has helped them optimize their drilling inventory and be in a better position to take a call on acquisition or joint venture opportunities.

It is therefore just as well that they got involved in this seminal partnership with Sierra Oil & Oas and Premier Oil Plc in this important Mexican offshore drilling project. Success in this project, which by all indications is extremely likely should pave the way for many other similar forays in the area. That would augur well for both Talos Energy and the Mexican Oil Industry.

How Susan McGalla Has Succeeded As A Women In The Business World

Research studies have shown that companies that have a larger percentage of women employed are 15% more likely to do better than other companies. As well, those that employ more minorities are 35% more likely to outperform. The belief is that these companies do better because they’re more willing to listen to new ideas and perspectives. Unfortunately, even with research backing up the strengths of diversity very few women attain c-level positions at the companies that make up the S&P 500.

One woman who has found success in the business world is Susan McGalla. She says that her upbringing plays a large part of that. She grew up with a father who coached football and has two brothers. That she was a girl didn’t entitle her to any breaks in her childhood. If she wanted something she had to work for it which has enabled her to be very successful as a corporate executive.

Susan McGalla effort and work ethic led to her taking on increasingly higher positions while she worked at American Eagle Outfitters. When she started at this retailer every executive at the company was male. Eventually, she became president of the company before she left in order to establish P3 Executive Consulting. Today she works for the Pittsburg Steelers as their Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

It was in 1986 that Susan McGalla started her career when she worked for the Joseph Horne Company. She has worked in both marketing and as an executive at other companies like Wet Seal, Inc. She is also on the Board of Directors for HFF Inc.

Susan McGalla is a graduate of Mount Union College and holds a degree in business and marketing. She now serves on this college’s Board of Advisors. She is also on the board of the Magee-Women’s Hospital and Research Institute.

Podcast Advertising Messages Have a Positive Effect on Audiences

A pioneering study shows that most people exposed to podcast advertising messages often recall the promoted brand, are willing to purchase the product, and remember specific messages. Norman Pattiz, the Chairman of PodcastOne, and Tom Webster, Edison Research’s Vice President, recently announced the findings of the study which was conducted in the last half of 2016.

How Edison Research conducted the research

Edison Research carried out three different studies last year. The studies, which were conducted for PodcastOne, examined how effective podcast adverts were for five major brands. Some of the companies were strong brands that were looking to send new messages to their target audiences.

Others were lesser known organizations that wanted to increase brand awareness and trial of their products. In all the cases, the researchers surveyed listeners of leading podcasts. The studies were conducted before the adverts ran and after the campaigns.

What the Result Revealed

The findings revealed that not only were the podcast listeners receptive to the advertising messages, they were also willing to purchase the advertised products.

About Norman Pattiz

  • More than 60% of customers, who were exposed to a podcast advert, remembered a specific grocery brand after four to six weeks.
  • The study also revealed that most consumers learned about the product on their own. The awareness for a product that provides financial services increased by 47%; that for an automobile aftermarket product by 37%; and for a garden product by 24%.
  • The post-study showed that more than a third of audiences held a positive opinion of the automobile aftermarket product after listening to the adverts. 22% of the listeners also indicated that they were likely to use the garden product.
  • Awareness of the advertising message of the automobile market product increased by 60% and for a restaurant by 76%.

Normal Pattiz is the founder and chair of PodcastOne. The company, which was founded in 2013, has grown to become a leader in audio programming.

It is home to several well known personalities including Dan Patrick, Kathie Lee, Brandi Glanville, Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla. Pattiz has received several accolades recognizing his contribution to the broadcasting industry.

Norman Pattiz also started Westwood One, America’s leading radio network. The network provides news, entertainment, talk, sports, and traffic programs to several broadcasters.

Pattiz is also the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group, a company that finances and produces quality programming in various platforms. Popular personalities such as Bill O’Reilly and Dr. Drew Pinsky work at Courtside Entertainment Group.

Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://www.bizjournals.com/losangeles/potmsearch/detail/submission/6417371/Norman_Pattiz

Logan Stout Founded IDLife To Help People Succeed And Maintain Their Health

Logan Stout was born and raised in Texas. He graduated from J.J. Pearce High School and was on the Student Athletic Council. He was an excellent student as well as the MVP in basketball for his junior and senior years. Eventually he went on to play professional baseball. He earned a business degree from Panola and his psychology degree from the University of Dallas.

Logan’s love for baseball and helping people led to his development of the Dallas Patriots. They offer baseball camps, private classes and baseball clinics. He makes training easily accessible so young baseball players have an opportunity to maximize their skills. His thinking and lifestyle naturally combined to make him an entrepreneur.

Logan Stout’s goal is to help people focus on the health of their minds, bodies and souls. He believes this will help lead them to success and is the reason he developed ID Life in 2014. The company offers healthcare products including sleep strips, weight management pills, energy supplements and shakes. He also offers free personalized assessments in order to understand the needs of each individual. He even wrote a book explaining his strategies in baseball, health and life. Logan Stout has received recognition by the press and received a mention in numerous publications and online journals.

Read more about Logan Stout on Crunchbase.

IDLife is a company who focuses on wellness, health and personal nutrition. They change peoples lives with their products and business model. Their products are made with ingredients of the highest quality and tailored specifically for each person. Their formulas are based on a persons age, sex, eating and exercise habits, exposure to the sun, prescription medications and medical conditions.

IDLife’s website uses scientific data from more than 7500 clinical studies and medical journals. Each person receives a recommendation that is targeted and personalized. There are in excess of 1.3 million possible combinations. The vitamins are made with pharmaceutical-grade nutrients and feature an AM and PM pack. This ensures the body receives what it needs at the correct times. IDLife screens for negative reactions to nutrients and drugs so peoples safety is never an issue. The best health outcomes are secured with IDLife.

Equities First Holdings Moving to the Heart of Melbourne

Equities First Holdings is relocating its Melbourne office to the heart of the city. The new office will better accommodate growing clientele, and be more accessible for clients and associates. The new space also provides room for expansion, according to Managing Director Mitchell Hopwood. The actual location of the office is 287 Collins Street, according to a Newsboost Marketwired press release from November 2016.

Equities First Holdings operates three Australian offices in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. The company’s other locations include the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. Its headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America.

Equities First is a global lender that provides businesses and high net-worth individuals with alternative financing solutions, capital allocation and financial services. The company specializes in stock-based loans that provide liquid, non-purpose capital at better than fair terms. The loans are typically unrestricted, and they are backed by publicly traded stock.

This form of lending benefits sophisticated clients who need to raise capital in a hurry and are not in the best situation to take out a more conventional loan, according to a Yahoo Finance Marketwired article featuring Equity First Holdings. The firm’s founder and CEO, Al Christy, Jr., indicated that stock-based loans have a higher loan-to-value ratio than margin loans, and they offer more certainty with fixed interest rates.

Al Christy, Jr. established Equities First Holdings in 2002. His previous financial career includes commercial and residential mortgage lending at Diversified Financial Group and work as a loan originator at Fidelity Investments. His athletic career includes college sports at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, and minor-league baseball for the New York Yankees.


Seattle Genetics Thrives With Clay Siegall at the Helm

Clay Siegall and others founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. He is the company’s president and CEO. In addition to this position, Clay is also the chairperson of the company’s board of directors. His position and direction of the company has helped it to secure private financing to the tune of $ 1.2 billion.

Seattle Genetics

Siegall’s company is in the business of research, medicine development, scientific creativity and care for patients. The able leadership and the company’s solid foundation have enabled it to take a leading position in developing ‘antibody drug conjugates’. In 2011, FDA gave the company its node to go ahead and develop ADCENTRIS: Seattle Genetics’ first product. The Seattle Genetics brand has been accepted in over 60 countries, a testament of the solid partnership with ‘Takeda Pharmaceuticals’.

Prior Experience

In the past, Siegall worked for ‘Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical Research Institute’. He started working here in 1997. He worked, three years, for ‘National Institute of Health’. Siegall is on ‘Alder BioPharmaceuticals’ and ‘Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals’ board.


Clay Siegall’s work has not gone unnoticed. He is the recipient of many rewards. His old university awarded him in 2013 with the ‘University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year’ prize. This was an award for natural science. This award came a year after he had been awarded ‘Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award. He has published 70 papers and holds 15 patents.


Clay Siegall studied Zoology at ‘University of Maryland’. His passion for understanding the DNA composition and matters of heredity drew him back to the university where he graduated with a Ph.D in Genetics from ‘George Washington University’.

Seattle Genetics’ Driving Force

Seattle Genetics is about finding a cure for cancer. As a teenager, Clay watched his father suffer from the torturous pangs of cancer. He suffered for five years before succumbing to the disease. Clay determined to study hard and research on cancer treatment.

New Entrepreneurs

To new entrepreneurs, wet behind the ears, Clay encourages them to interact more with the seasoned industry leaders. This interaction according to Clay will help the new entrepreneurs learn more about the market.


Troy McQuagge is the 2016 CEO of the year One Planet Awards Gold winner. The USHEALTH Group CEO was elated when he was announced as the winner.Troy McQuagge thanked the whole staff group of USHEALTH Group and credited them for helping him win the prestigious One Planet Awards. He confessed that USHEALTH’s Group noble objective of assisting everyone to get affordable healthcare has also assisted in his success.

USHEALTH Group provides its clients with original healthcare solutions which cater to different job groups. USHEALTH Group was also recognized for its role in the professional healthcare industry as it was named the Company of the year for the One Planet Awards Gold section.

The awards accept nominations from all over the world. The global prestigious awards honor professional and business expertise from all companies. The submissions come from non-profit, profit, private and public organizations. In addition to this, the companies also accept submissions from small and emerging start-ups. The awards are placed in categories which include; P.R, Marketing, Corporate Communications, new products and services, executive teams and organizations from all over the world.

The USHEALTH Group CEO has worked for the company since 2010. He has been instrumental in re-emerging the companies’ market. This led to the formation of the USHEALTH Advisors. Mr. McQuagee was elected as the CEO and president of the health insurance company in 2014 and his successful track record can be clearly seen through his thriving ventures in the company. He has been able to rake in a high-profit margin for the health insurance company.

About Ushealth Group Inc:

USHEALTH Group is an establishment that offers tailor-made health insurance plans that cater for the entire family. The company offers top-notch insurance regardless of the client’s income. The safe and secure premiums are available to clients from anywhere in the U.S.

About Troy Mcquagee:

Troy McQuagee is an alumnus of The University of Central Florida where he studied Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies. The dynamic leader is an experienced sales professional who has over 30 years experience in this market. Mr. McQuagee is the current CEO, President, and a member of the USHEALTH Group Inc Board of Directors a post which he has held from July 2014. Under this role, he ensures that the company grows strategically and the profit margins increase. He also administers and manages the establishment’s subsidiaries and ensures that the operations and distribution are done efficiently. Click here to know more.

Prior to this, he was USHEALTH Advisors CEO and President. This is a post he held for seven years. While working here he ensured that the company’s profit margins also grew substantially in a strategic manner. In addition to this, he designed the Agency Platform which propelled USHEALTH Group success objectives. He has also worked for the Health Market at the President of the agency marketing group. Troy McQuagee is an avid philanthropist who has contributed to various causes which include the Semper FiFund, HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Phoenix, among others.

Learn more about him: https://twitter.com/troymcquagge


About the USHEALTH Group

Based in Texas Fort Worth and formerly known as Ascent Assurance, Inc., the USHEALTH Group was established in back then, in 1982. Ascent Assurance, Inc. later changed its name in 2005 March, to USHEALTH Group, Inc. This family of companies now provides several additional products and individual health insurance plans for small business owners and people in the United States.

Through its subsidiaries, the USHEALTH Group, Inc also sells and underwrites products like dental insurance, personal health insurance, income and accident protection solutions, critical illness insurance cover, specific disease protection and accident convertible life policy among others. Most of these products are sold through agents.

Why customers choose the USHEALTH Group

The USHEALTH Group comprises of other subsidiary companies that present healthcare customers with the most innovative and advanced health coverage. At the USHEALTH, customers have access to complete portfolio coverage plans that allow customers tailor-made health coverage plans to suit personal needs.

The company boasts of many years experience and are true innovators when it comes to providing the most secure, affordable and flexible plans to customers and their families. Excellent customer service is the company’s top priority. Through the company’s manager, Advisors contracted Agents and other staff who guarantee unique service delivery.

At the USHEALTH Group, service delivery is their number one priority, and this is reflected in the firm’s organizational commitment that brings positive differences in the lives of its customers. Reliability and affordability mark the products offered. Whether the client seeks for daily medical expenses coverage or just wants some leverage from severe medical events, the USHEALTH guarantees help. USHEALTH on Facebook.

The company has millions of happy customers, and with a five-decade experience, customers rest assured of innovative health covers from the most experienced industry player.

The firm’s committed Healthcare Specialists try to find out and comprehend every customer need and give counsel on the necessary action to ensure money’s value. The company’s team of caring claims assists all customers with information regarding the most confusing claims. For instance, the USHEALTH Group helps clients by acting as the intermediary between clients and the insurance companies. Even more, the firm has the capability of giving customers information regarding the area’s most qualified insurance providers.

The good thing with the USHEALTH, customers, have the ability to purchase extra insurance cover without additional endorsement. Customers who seek extra cover can even go ahead and buy USHEALTH’s Short Term Surgical Medical Expense Plan without any guarantees. There is even the option of the Optional Short Term Insurability and Guaranteed Rider package. More surprising is the fact that the USHEALTH Group is the first and only firm in America to provide the capability to lock in rates for up to fifteen months!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/us-health-group

Great idea of Jim Tananbaum to the birth of Foresite Capital

Jim’s speculation encounter incorporates being an establishing accomplice of Prospect Venture Partners II and III, and prior in his profession, an accomplice at Sierra Ventures, where he built up its medicinal services administrations venture rehearse.

Jim Tananbaum was a math and electrical designing/software engineering major at Yale and got his M.D. what’s more, M.B.A. from Harvard and his M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has had various long haul gainful associations with a wide range of driving academicians. Jim Tananbaum is enthusiastic about proceeding with his advancement of working crosswise over fields with driving business people and academicians and trusts we are starting to enter a time of extraordinary change and development driven by creating bits of knowledge in profound learning and science.

As indicated by INC42, the possibility of Foresite originated from his over too many years of being a social insurance business person and speculation strategist. In that time, he can indicate a few encounters that drove him to recognize key achievement considers that would empower fruitful business people and organizations—the greater part of which lie in the science behind advancement and the groups that make everything happen.

To Tananbaum, Foresite genuinely intends to comprehend and bridle social insurance’s future. The knowledge originated from perceiving that in light of the fact that inventive medicinal services items and arrangements regularly require essentially additional time and capital than most business people and agents acknowledge, we as Foresite could assume a basic part to emerge pioneers by providing data, systems, and funding to help drive their prosperity. In a report by Biz Journals, by gathering and processing all accessible distributed data about medicinal services propels in a range of need, we can comprehend what is expected to genuinely affect care, and accordingly decide the most practical speculation prospects with the most astounding likelihood of progress. Today, Foresite has put resources into 77 distinctive human services organizations in biopharmaceuticals, medicinal administrations, diagnostics and genomic sequencing.

See more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-tananbaum-a7562a7/