ClassDojo Continues to Evolve and Grow with Student Stories

ClassDojo is an innovative communication platform launched in 2011 that is used in 2 in 3 schools, connecting teachers, parents, and students and building amazing classroom communities. The platform is free for all teachers and can be accessed on any iOS, Android or computer. ClassDojo is empowering students with positivity and enabling them to share their accomplishments with parents. According to, co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have been able to get the ClassDojo app in the hands of over 3 million teachers worldwide with little to no marketing. “Teachers use ClassDojo to track students’ development of what Chaudhary refers to as “soft skills,” such as persistence, curiosity, and focus.”

By creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools, ClassDojo has earned some impressive accolades, including landing the founders on’s 30 under 30, 2015; being named TechCrunch’s Best Education Startup Crunchie Winner, 2015; and grabbing a spot on FastCompany’s 10 Most Innovative Education Companies, 2013. ClassDojo has also attracted the attention of education researchers at Stanford University. In January 2016, ClassDojo partnered with Standford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) center to produce a series of five videos starring the familiar ClassDojo cast that will help teachers develop a “growth mindset” in their students. According to, “A growth mindset is the understanding that personal qualities and abilities can change. It leads people to take on challenges, persevere in the face of setbacks, and become more effective learners.”

A July 2016 article on reported that ClassDojo has launched a new tool called Student Stories that enables students to create their own classroom portfolios and to share videos and images easily with their families. Students don’t have to remember any login information. They simply scan a classroom QR code to upload a picture of a poem they wrote, a video of a science experiment or anything else they want to record and share with parents and family members. According to Liam Don, “Student Stories gives students more of a voice and involves parents in learning moments they might otherwise never know about.” Student Stories allows students and parents to engage with classroom lessons and events in a way that wasn’t possible before.


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Entrepreneur Don Ressler

One of the more well known and successful entrepreneurs in Southern California is Don Ressler, He has founded as well as run a number of companies in the media, fitness, and health and wellness industries. As well as founding and running a number of companies, he has created a skincare product line. When he first began his career he worked as a consultant who helped a number of businesses capitalize on the emerging demand of internet marketing. Part of what has made Don Ressler a highly successful entrepreneur is the fact that he was able to generate up to $1 billion in sales as well as raising $100 million in capital. Therefore Don Ressler has firmly established himself as one of the more prominent businesspeople in the United States.

When Don Ressler began his career he was involved in the consulting field. As a consultant Don would regularly advise and counsel a number of businesses that were looking to take advantage of the emerging trend of online marketing. Over the course of his career in consulting, Don Ressler would help businesses find ways to best market their products and services as well as get the most out of their available advertising budget for online marketing. Since Don was very knowledgeable about the internet and marketing in general he was able to help numerous companies market their offerings efficiently and allow them to generate very high sales figures as well.

While Don established himself as a successful consultant, he wanted to do more in his career. As a result he decided to become an entrepreneur and then founded a number of companies. These companies were in the health and wellness industry such as and also businesses in the media field. He would not only found these companies but also run them as the chief executive officer. Along with starting up and running companies, Don Ressler created a skincare product line called Hydroderm. Therefore Don has proven to be a very well rounded entrepreneur.

Along with founding a number of companies and establishing himself as a successful consultant, Don Ressler has achieved some considerable results in his career. These results are related to revenue generation and raising very high amounts of capital. During his career, Don Ressler has been able to make revenues up to $1 billion which has allowed many of his businesses to be very profitable. As well as generating high revenues, Don has raised up to $100 million for a number of his businesses and clients. Source:

What drives Helane Morrison’s compliance career

Saying that predators plague the financial management industry is an understatement. Helane Morrison knows this only too well. Before joining Hall Capital as the Managing Director, Helane was a compliance officer with the SEC San Francisco office.

Having spent all her life chasing bad people does not earn you a leadership position, but proving that you are always successful at what you do certainly gives you an edge.

The financial sector is home to very many entrepreneurs who are very successful. Helane Morrison is one of the successful people in the financial management and hedge fund area. Some of the things that drive her will probably surprise.

Her passion is undoubted

There is always something intimate about how she conducts her business. Her expertise and career are in law and journalism. Part of the management of most hedge funds borders between understanding what is allowed and what is not. With over ten years as a SEC insider, she understands the deepest loopholes in the market.

Her class is permanent

On reason why I like her is that, over the years, her role in various capacities have proven a major success. Her career has no blemish. In her capacity, she has steered Hall Capital as a very compliant company. There has not been a single incidence related to non-compliance. Her ethical and tactical nous in managing comes naturally to her. She is an avid communicator and a staunch follower of integrity.

At Hall Capital, the goal is to give the customer the trust that he or she deserves. The management team at the capital is somewhat skewed towards women. I find the company’s blueprint on leadership and integration of the diversity always admirable especially in inspiring young leaders.

Her interest is deep

When she spoke of her team, I could not help but notice her deep interest in encouraging every woman to strive for the highest. I believe that Hall Capital is a model that many women executives can emulate to inspire a very hospitable working environment.

She worked under her role model who mentored her for ten years shortly after graduating with a JD from the University of California. Her contact with Justice Blackman gives her the impetus to continue inspiring more people to pursue social justice.

At Hall Capital, I do not expect to hear any concerns about the company’s inability to follow strict financial integrity. She has managed to instill a forthright environment that customers and other people can trust.

It is Okay To Make Mistakes

If there is anything that business owners need to know is that it is okay to make mistakes. For one thing, mistakes are one of the ways to learn. The real issue is how to recover from mistakes. All that is expected is to learn from the mistakes that are made in order to not repeat them. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Among the companies that have made a lot of mistakes is White Shark Media. However, White Shark Media has also learned from the mistakes so that it could improve on the services that it offers. White Shark Media also gets a lot of compliments.

One of the most important aspects of White Shark Media is how effective an AdWords campaign is. There are some customers that have realized that their old AdWords campaign was more effective than the AdWords campaign that White Shark Media set up.

White Shark Media Complaints team has had that brought to its attention. As a result, the experts have decided on a few solutions. One solution was to make sure that the existing campaigns are still active. If there are aspects of the campaign that are successful, then they make sure that the campaign is still in use. They also have experienced supervisors look over the campaign.

One very important aspect of an advertising agency is that they are in tune with the needs of the client. If the client and the expert are not on the same page, then that could make things a little harder for both of them.

White Shark Media makes sure that the client and the expert are both clear with each other. This will make the process go a lot smoother.