Fabletics: Affordable, quality athletic wear

Kristin Tice Studeman met with Kate Hudson to talk about her line of athletic wear, Fabletics. A talented actress and dancer, Hudson has always lived an active lifestyle, along with her parents and brother.In high school she played on the school soccer team. Knowing motivation is a big factor in the decision to make healthy lifestyle changes, Kate hoped to create a product that would encourage women to reach their potential, especially in the fitness area. While the majority of the interview focused on the Fabletics Athletic Wear Line,her role as a dance instructor on the show Glee was also touched upon. She answered that her co-star Corey Monteith, who tragically died of an accidental drug overdose was missed by everyone on the show. While Facebook makes many styles of clothing, which I will talk about later, some of Kate’s favorite pieces from the line are the multiple strap sports bra and the snakeskin leggings. We are all different in regards to body sizes,comfort zones, favorite ways to be active etc… Kate suggests finding things to do that make you happy whether it be yoga, walking, running, anything that is motivating for you and Fabletics will be there for comfort and support along the way. Source: http://www.elle.com/culture/a35253/getting-lost-and-found-with-kate-hudson/

After seeing that comfortable and stylish athletic wear was not available to woman of all sizes, Fabletics was created in 2013. Whether looking for athletic wear to do yoga, work out in a gym or go running, it is a safe bet that you will find affordable, stylish work out attire to get you started. Fabletics carry a variety of outfits, sold together or as separates. Tank tops, sports bras,and casual tops come in sizes that range from XXS/02 all the way to XXL/18-20. Leggings, pants, capris, and shorts are carried in the same sizes as the tops.

In comparing Fabletics to other name brand top athletic wear on the market, made with exceptional quality fabrics, Fabletics sells for half the price. This makes it possible for those living on a fixed income to purchase comfortable, nice looking athletic wear to meet health fitness goals.

Wengie Shares Her Top Beauty Skincare Hacks

Wengie is a popular YouTube channel that is all about beauty. Wengie is of Chinese ethnicity, but grew up in Australia. In fact, she is one of the top Australian beauty YouTubers. Her reach is world-wide. People across the world delight in watching her very informative YouTube videos that are on various beauty subjects. Wengie always personalizes her high quality videos. Often, she includes her boyfriend Max and her cat Mikki. Wengie has over one million subscribers to her YouTube channel. In this video Wengie shares some of her favorite beauty hacks with her YouTube audience.

Wengie’s Favorite Hacks
This is something that is new for Wengie. She jumps right into sharing her favorites with her audience. As you may know, hacks are short cuts, time savers, or clever ideas that help with a problem or some type of tasks. For example, one of my favorite hacks shared by Wengie is the green tea hack. Many of us wake up in the morning and like to drink a cup of healthy green tea. Wengie takes it a step further. She likes to use the left over green tea bag to soothe and moisturize her skin. She takes the tea bag and makes about an extra cup of tea. She pours the tea into a bottle with a spray top, and uses the concoction to spritz on her face to cool and moisturize through the day. In addition, Wengie likes to use those left over tea bags on tired, swollen eyes. The tea bags soothe the eyes and help to reduce swelling. Wengie also shares a few practical tips on ending waste. She realizes that she wastes a lot of her beauty products. This tip is right on point for others that could sure use beauty saving tips. The video also includes several other beauty hacks for Wengie’s fans to enjoy.

About Wengie
Wengie is a popular YouTuber that shares a wealth of information on beauty, skin care, hair care, and much more. She adds more videos on fun and exciting topics on a weekly basis. Join her channel to receive first notice about all the latest Wengie videos.


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Keith Mann: Making a True Difference

A lot of people talk about making a difference, but very few actually go out and do it. When it comes to Keith Mann, he is one of those people that likes to talk the talk and walk the walk. He lives his life this way, each and every single day. It is not just cheap talk or promises coming out of his mouth. He is a man of his word and he knows that his reputation means a lot and what he says stands for a lot. Recently, along with Dynamics Search Partners, they held a fundraiser to help Uncommon Schools. The event was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Along with various members of the financial services world, they raised over $22,000.

These funds are going to go towards sponsoring student testing in regards to the 2014-2015 year for students at a brand-new high school that was opened by the charter school. In Keith’s own words, it is about closing the gap. When it comes to low-income students, they don’t have to suffer anymore. They can be afforded the same chances that a student from a high-income housing can receive. They have every chance. After all, isn’t that all anyone wants in a life is a chance? With a chance, you can achieve anything and anything is truly possible. Nothing can stand in your way and nothing can stop you for obtaining your goals.

Keith Mann is all about the future and preparing them for the future. You can’t always help where you are raised or the money that your family has. However, it shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a truly special life, each and every day, and that you can’t achieve whatever your dreams are. After all, dreams are what make life worth living and they help us get out of bed, each and every day. Keith Mann just wants that for the future and for the future children of America. He knows what it feels like to have a dream and want it more than anything in the world. No longer is it just a pipe dream, but it is a reality.

The Career and Entrepreneurial Abilities of Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz Granados has continuously proven that he is a man with a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. His business knowledge can be traced from his academic experience. He attended the Babson College, which is situated in Babson Park, Massachusetts. Founded in 1919, the Babson College is prominent for its quality education, especially on entrepreneurship matters. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship, which he gained after three years of studying.

In the past, Danilo served in the capacity of an Account Advisor in a Miami-based private equity investment entity. He was in charge of researching global investment to return relationship in energy efficiency, innovative start-ups, merchandising industries, hedge funds, real estate as well as fine arts. In addition, he analyzed social, creative and demographic qualities regarding investment opportunities.

Fireman Capital Partners

As listed on Danilo’s Facebook, he is an Associate Partner of the Boston-based company, the Fireman Capital Partners. Fireman Capital is a company that specializes in dealing with businesses in the consumer sector. In a bid to work with FCP, an organization or company ought to be based in the United States, have sales ranging between $25-$150 million as well as an equity level of around $10 to $75 million.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

As an individual with entrepreneurial skills, Danilo has ventured into numerous businesses in Miami, which include the following:

Toys for Boys Boutique

Danilo has made a name for himself when it comes to offering luxury commodities to the wealthy through his Toys for Boys Boutique Privee. The high-end boutique displays a broad range of luxurious items ranging from rare automobiles, fine watches, contemporary art as well as jewelry among many other items. The store attracts wealthy customers from various locations and those based in Miami.

Edge of Glory Films

According to CrunchBase, he also owns the Edge of Glory Films, which is a film company that focuses on Hispanic interests. Consequently, the company undertakes production, editing, promotion and distribution of its films in a bid to provide Hispanic content media in the United States.  Follow Danilo on Twitter.

Securus Technologies Calls GTL on Unlawful Practices in Inmate Telephone Systems

On June 7, 2016, Securus Technologies, who is a lead provider of technology for public safety, correctional facilities, investigations and monitoring stated that they will be releasing reports and articles on the licentious wrongdoings of Global Tel Link (GTL). According to prnewswire.com, GTL has apparently been committing a host of breaches on the integrity of multiple inmates. Securus hopes that doing so will shame and push GTL into maintaining their own integrity and staying true to their service.

Most of Securus’ accusations against GTL involve unlawfully doctoring the telephone systems. Among Securus’ accusations against GTL are adding up to 36 seconds beyond the actual duration of the calls, increasing the rates beyond the actual tariff and billing for a single call at least twice. Richard (Rick) Smith, who is the CEO of Securus, has stated that this has been going on since approximately 1998.

Securus America was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1986. Securus boasts an A+ accreditation from the BBB or Better Business Bureau. It has since gone on to serving almost 3,500 facilities, covering over a million inmates across the nation. Among the services they provide are emergency, communication, incident and communication. They currently have three office locations in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrollton and Allen, Texas. They are one of the lead inmate technology and communications companies.