Sanjay Shah’s Philanthropy to Help Children Affected by Autism.

Sanjay Shah was recently in an interview at the Enterprise Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio in a show that is hosted by Erick Dye. My Dye’s program is a business show that allows principals to interact with entrepreneurs, who are still developing and give them ideas, inspiration, motivation and knowledge of how to be successful. Mr. Shah, who is a founder of both Solo Capital Limited and the Autism Rocks, spoke about various matters at the show. These include how he started the Autism Rocks charity, the approaching concerts that will be held by Autism Rocks, and how business persons should run their enterprises for them to be successful.

Mr. Shah is a prominent entrepreneur and humanitarian, who lives in the United Kingdom and runs several businesses in Malta, Dubai, The Cayman Islands, London and The British Virgin Islands. He founded his Solo Capital as a trading firm, and it has since been successful. The firm is licensed by the U.K government and in the 2010-2011 fiscal year, he took home 19 million pounds from the company. Shah’s has private offices from which, he runs his businesses in Dubai and London, and his net worth is currently about 280 million dollars. Prior to starting Solo Capital, he was an accountant at various investment banks and a medical professional.

Sanjay started the Autism Rocks charity organization in 2014 to help children who are affected by the neurological disorder across the world. He was encouraged to found the institution by his son who has also been a victim of the condition since 2011. Mr. Shah’s autism campaign raises money for funding research on autism and creating consciousness about the disease among members of the public. His wife also makes personal contributions towards the fight against autism.

Autism Rocks makes money to support its operations through events that it hosts in conjunction with various renowned musicians from all parts of the globe. In 2014, the foundation held its first event and celebrities such as Prince, the late music star, were invited to entertain the crowd. Drake, Lenny, Snoop Dogg, and Michael Buble have also worked with Autism Rocks during its gigs. The 2016 concert will feature Florida and Tyga and is meant to be a family event and therefore, it will be filled with several fun activities. Anyone who would like to get more classification on the future concerts that will he hosted by the organization can visit


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Improvements In The Healthcare Industry

InnovaCare Health is giving new meaning to the healthcare industry. They are providing high quality Medicare Plans along with new methods about how the should be done. The company is devoted to furnishing quality healthcare, when it come to it’s members. The services which they provided are quite worthwhile to it’s members. There are also two Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. One is MMM Healthcare and the other is PMC Medicare Choice. Their 200,000 members can have their medical needs addressed by over 7,500 providers.

The company’s first concern are their patients. With all the changes that are going on with the healthcare industry, they have pledged to give each individual across North America quality care. MMM is the first Medicare Advantage plan in Puerto Rico. Now along with PMC they are among the fastest growing. InnovaCare Health makes sure that their members emotional and physical needs are addressed. The members are so satisfied they give them 90/100 for service.

MMM and PMC in 2011 received the Commendable Accreditation recognition nod from the National Committee of Quality Assurance(NCQA). InnovaCare has the distinct honor of being the first and only Healthcare Company to receive this accreditation in Puerto Rico. This award is only given to companies whose service and health plan exceed NCQA’s rigorous standards. The current President of InnovaCare is Dr. Rick Shinto. Penelope Kokkindides is the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare.

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Medicare Advantage is a Healthcare Insurance plan that is serviced by Commercial Insurance companies. It is replacement for traditional Medicare. These companies get their reimbursement from the Federal Government. Part A will pay for hospital services only, not any doctors. This is where Part B takes over, which will also take care of outpatient services such as ER visits, labs, X-rays along with any diagnostics tests and any equipment and supply.

Some people call Medicare Advantage Part C. It also incorporates Part D, which is the prescription Plan. This is known as Medicare Prescription Plan or MAPD. Reimbursement for Part D is done by the Federal Government separately. All individual who have a Medicare Advantage Plan will be offered coverage that is identical to Traditional Medicare, although coverage may not be the same. For instance, if there is a package where coverage exceeds Medicare’s then copay should be lowered. This way things are balance out.

Out of Pocket expenses for Part A & B should not go beyond $6,700 for the year. When that is reached, the plan will pay one hundred percent of the cost for the remainder of the calendar year. Just as long as the individual stays in-network. As of 2014 Medicare Advantage have grown to 15.7 million members. People can join when they first become eligible for Medicare or they have the option to switch after they have been on Medicare for a year.

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The Darius Fisher Approach To Dealing With Document Dumps and Exposures

Documents dumps are absolutely not something anyone wants to experience. A writer for the Daily Beast crafted an excellent article about the dangers of personal data being released online. Sadly, many people do not realize that sensitive information about their life and finances may be floating out there on the internet.


And the public release of private information is potentially very dangerous. Identity thieves could have a proverbial field day with social security numbers, credit card info, and bank account numbers.


There is also the issue of personal information about a career or family situation possibly being discussed on social media or message boards. Personal laundry could very well be aired without the subject’s knowledge or consent. It happens though.


The article suggests a number of helpful tips for dealing with such a horrific situation. The removal of all personal information from websites or online resource services is a must. So is changing the privacy settings on social media accounts. Doing so protects content from prying eyes and search engine crawlers.


Never overlook the very simple things that could keep privacy secure. Change passwords regularly. This way, it becomes harder to compromise them. And run a Google search now and then. Doing so allows the searcher to see what others would view. The information revealed may be shocking


Where did the author get all this advice? These are suggestions made by Darius Fisher, the executive in charge of the reputation management firm named Status Labs. Darius Fisher is known as a “fixer”. As is the case in movies and novels, Fisher works hard at fixing up the messes people make that could ruin their reputation and business.


The approach Fisher employs is not based on any off-the-wall fiction. Fisher relies concepts rooted in social media and digital marketing. The process of fixing a reputation is hardly easy. A lot of work is required, but Fisher’s experience in marketing and his innovative ideas and approaches allow him to help clients all over the world. And clients do need his help because, without it, they would never be able to reverse problems present in the search engine results.

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Keep Up With Your Reputation Online With Better Reputation

There are companies and individuals that may not realize how important it is to have a good online reputation. Professionals want to be sure that when their name or company is searched for on google, that all of the information on the internet is correct and positive. It can at times seem like there is no real way to keep up with all of the changes that happen on the internet, but an internet reputation can make or break a business. It is a good idea to have a company that can be in charge of monitoring the reputation of your business online. is the website that can help business or individuals to keep a good online reputation. realizes that there are many people that might just go to a few different sources to find information about a business. In order for possible clients or possible business partners to get correct information, it’s important to make sure that the information put out there on Google and other search engines is true and correct. is the reputation management service that helps individual or business to take better control of their reputation. In order to find out how they can help with your business, you can get a quote with no obligation and it is one hundred percent free. All of the work that does is guaranteed and they continue working until the job is complete. They want their clients to get in contact with them at any time and they ask them to fill out a form and they contact them as soon as possible.

A person’s name, brand, or business can be their most valuable possession. When they are searched on the Internet, it is only right that the information out there is good and positive. With those concepts in mind, helps their clients to keep track of their online reputation. All of their employees are based in the US, and they work tirelessly to make sure that their client’s reputations are kept up in a respectable way.


Sam Tabar, Schulte Roth & Zabel’s Newest Recruit

In order to grow and advance in life, you need to constantly make some changes, and move out of your comfort zone. This is precisely what Sam Tabar did, by moving to Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in mid October, 2013. He was formerly the head of capital introductions at the Merrill Lynch &Co.

Schulte Roth & Zabel is a multidisciplinary law firm, which was founded in 1969. They are one of the largest in their sector, and represent various firms working in the finance and investment business. Their staff is made up of both legal and business professionals. This allows them to properly serve their clientele.

The company has quite a number of attorneys, who all work to represent the managers of alternative investment firms. Over the last few years they have had various clients from Asia, who were interested in matters like the development of US regulations.

While talking to the Bloomberg via email, Mr. Tabar said that he would be working with New York based investors, while also working to explore the market in Asia. He further went on to say that hedge funds currently need even better legal advice, with the focus on regulations in the US being even more stringent. Mr. Tabar noted that the Asian market is growing, and therefore more attention needs to be paid to that sector. He however, said that the firm does not have any current plans, to open an office in the East.

A Little about Sam Tabar

Mr. Sam Tabar has been working in the business and finance industry for quite a while. He graduated from Oxford University and subsequently Columbia University, in 2001. He later went on to be an associate at one of the world’s most prestigious law firms, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP. He then left in 2004 and joined PMA Investment Advisors, which is based in Hong Kong. Although he is essentially a lawyer, he also has a wide knowledge of business, which makes him a very good fit for investment firms.

New Services Available From Talk Fusion Expand The Imagination

TalkFusion is already a market leader in video marketing. However, they are never content with settling, instead they constantly look for new ways to improve the services that they provide. The latest is through something known as WebRTC Recorder. It is an even faster way for TalkFusion users to record their videos and reach their clients and partners.

The videos produced using this technology are of a higher quality and may be recorded more quickly and with better results overall. It is something that businesses have long since desired to do, but which was simply not available to many of them until this point.

Video is a huge part of the way that companies do their work these days. It is not enough to simply write everything out, one must find other ways to communicate and provide answers to those who matter to the business.

Those who use Chrome or Firefox for their Internet surfing already have the WebRTC Recorder service available to them if they are also TalkFusion users. It means that they can go ahead and start recording and sending those higher quality videos right away. There is no reason for them to continue to languish in the past. The old rules are out, and the new ways of doing business have finally arrived.

A generous offer is currently available to those who would like to give this new technology a try. According to the press release, it is possible for any business, charity, or individual to try out this latest in technology for 30 days for free. This free trial period will give anyone the opportunity to see this brand new and frankly amazing technology in action. There is no commitment, but many who do try it will likely not want to go back.

TalkFusion has once again proven themselves to be a market leader, and for good reason. Perhaps it is time to pay more attention to them and the kinds of work that they are getting accomplished.

Swiss Financial Expert Mike Baur Is Helping Young Entrepreneurs

There has always been a cloak and dagger mystic surrounding the murky world of Swiss banking. For years, Swiss banks have used secret codes and completed questionable transactions all in the name of individual privacy and protection. But the shroud covering the Swiss banking empire is beginning to disintegrate and what is underneath isn’t very pretty. Swiss bankers are nervous, and account holders are uneasy. But one Swiss banker is leaving all the mystery and secret codes behind, and he is helping young entrepreneurs change their creative ideas into thriving businesses. That man is Mike Baur, a former Sallfort Bank executive. Baur recently formed Bainso, a private company that helps young entrepreneurs establish themselves in the business world.

Bainso helps young business people find financial backing, and Baur helps them develop networking techniques. Bainso also helps them set up operational systems that work for creative people and other employees of the startup. Mike Baur started Bainso after he got involved with the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory helps young Swiss entrepreneurs develop a business plan. The entrepreneurs that participate in the Swiss Startup Factory gain a wealth of knowledge from members like Mike Baur. Baur has more than 20 years of experience in Swiss banking, so he is able to push startups in the right direction when it comes to finding capital and developing financial plans.

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Successful launch of the Swiss Start Up Factory

Innovation Lab: Fribourg

Mike Baur left the Swiss Banking world in order to change the way Swiss companies are viewed in the world. Mike Baur believes that today’s young Swiss business people have a lot to offer the world, and Baur wants to help them become part of the international business community. Switzerland has always been considered a neutral country, but when it comes to being a capitalistic competitor, there is nothing neutral about Swiss business people.

One of the exciting aspects of Baur’s quest to help young Swiss businesses is his ability to open doors for young entrepreneurs that have been closed for years. Baur has a plethora of contacts in the financial sector, and he also has the ability to bring foreign investors to the table so capital can be raised in a reasonable amount of time. But it’s not just the financial connections that make Bainso so important in the Swiss business world. Baur is a well-rounded businessman that has a proven track record. When Baur isn’t helping young entrepreneurs, he can be found spending time with his family in Zurich. 

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Lufthansa Cancels Flights Between Germany and Venezuela

German airline Lufthansa cancelled flights between Germany and Venezuela, as a result of economic problems in Venezuela.
Venezuela’s economy has rapidly shrunk this year says Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, which played a part in Lufthansa halting the flight. Lufthansa has difficulty repatriating money from Venezuela because of currency issues.

There is increasing pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, as there are shortages of food and medications. The US is not happy over the situation, due to Venezuela’s oil wealth. US Intelligence Officials have been informed on the possibility of an uprising occurring.

Venezuelans like Velasquez Figueroa himself wants a referendum to remove Maduro, as a vote of no confidence. The referendum may not take place until 2017, when The Vice-President replaces Maduro. To avoid defaulting, Venezuela plans to cut imports to pay off its foreign debt.

Shea Butter is an Essential Part of Skin Care

Shea Butter is a natural fat that is extracted from the nut of the African Shea Tree. It is widely used in the cosmetic industry as lotion, moisturizer and other products. Shea Butter is also known to have medicinal properties. Its known for sometimes being used for medicinal ointments and even sun blocking lotion.

So now you know what Shea Butter is used for, lets discuss its benefits. Like I previously stated, Shea Butter is used a lot in cosmetics. It makes one’s skin smooth by using natural vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids. That’s also why they put it in sun blocking lotion. The very same natural vitamins and fatty acids that make your skin silky smooth also work as an anti-inflammatory.

Well now, let me tell you where you can find this magical ingredient. How about a family based company that actually cares about their employees and their consumers? I’m talking about EuGenia Shea. They’re a family owned enterprise that helps female workers in Ghana by donating 15% of profits back to the workers for their education fund. If that doesn’t convince you then let me just state that they use at least 95% pure Shea Butter content in all of their products,not to mention all other EuGaenia Shea ingredients are all natural too.

Eugenia Shea’s products are quite inexpensive and it should be noted that when you do decide to purchase their products, you are not only keeping your skin nice and smooth but helping to fund women’s education in Ghana.