John Goulet the Phenomenal Principle of Diversant

As their motto ‘Empowered by Difference’ suggests, Diversant is a validated Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and is the biggest African-American owned IT staffing conglomerate in the US.
This enterprise offers products and services based on authentic metamorphic ideas targeted at meeting clients and partners’ needs as well as the communities at large.

Diversant also uses consulting approach and engages customers as certified business associates thus helping them solve discerning problems.

This foreign firm would not be where it is, though, were it not for their principal Goulet who is a visionary leader and an honorable entrepreneur. He attained his education in Ursinus College in Great Philadelphia Area from 1979-1983. From there John first served as a

Computer Consultant before rising to IT staffing manager. In 1994 however, he founded his company Info Technologies that provided Fortune 500 companies with staffing solutions.

John Goulet grew this business from scratch to being ranked 8th in the list of 500 fastest growing and best IT industry in the US. He achieved this accomplishment in just five years. His entrepreneurial mind believes in starting something and flourishing it to become unique using his talent and skill. John also likes to work for everything and never regards things that come easy.
His passion and experience also make him a great leader in Diversant as he holds the IT sector in high esteem, with respect and hard work. He always supports the clients’ demands to be met at a personal and corporate level.

Diversant believes that diversity in all forms brings more innovative solutions for customers and leads to bigger opportunities for partners and consultants. Some its values include Disciplined Teamwork, Ethical Behavior, Respect for others and Professional development. This firm believes diversity is crucial as it promotes innovation, inspires creative thinking and leads to effective problem solving. It also aids in building formidable ties with the community and links to different markets. Diversant understands that diversity is a fundamental element for a successful business, and their services and solutions are formulated to satisfy their clients’ needs. This has made it the go-to company for many people as it caters for all their desires.

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Doug Levitt is a great singer-songwriter

America is an amazing country filled with fascinating stories. Wherever you go, you are sure to find someone that has a fantastic tale for you. Unfortunately, many of these stories go untold because society does not care to listen. The poorest among us do not have the voice necessary to make their stories heard. Very few people care to gather these stories up, but Doug Levitt wanted to find them and record them.

Doug Levitt is a famous singer-songwriter. He once served as an international journalist, and his time abroad made him want to learn more about his home country. He realized that people around the country have exciting stories that they are willing to tell, but no one has recorded them. In the early 2000s, Doug set out on a simple project that would change his life forever.

Doug decided to travel the United States via Greyhound bus. He got on a Greyhound and kept hoping buses for almost six weeks. This first six-week journey allowed Doug to gather several amazing stories about those that ride Greyhound buses. Many of these people were barely getting by. He took these first stories and turned them into songs. Over the next ten years, Doug has gathered thousands of stories. He works hard to find a way to express each story. Sometimes the best way is to simply post a photograph, at other times he posted a short story on social media. He composed songs about the most powerful stories, eventually releasing two different EPs. These Greyhound Diaries are incredibly powerful and help bring the story of America to people around the world. Doug is proud of the work that he has done on this piece, and he hopes to continue riding Greyhound buses and gathering new and exciting stories to tell.

Doug has gathered thousands of miles during his time working on the Greyhound Diaries. He passed the 80,000 miles in 2012, and he plans to keep going. America has a rich history, and it needs musicians and journalists like Doug to tell this story. Without people like him we are bound to forget our heritage.

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Keith Mann Raises Significant Funds for Uncommon Schools

The Standard Hotel Beer Garden was the site of a very important meeting. Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners met with several professionals from the financial industry to raise money for Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools is a network of charter high schools in the Brooklyn area. The purpose of Uncommon Schools is to provide opportunities for gifted young persons. The schools are designed to help those with low-incomes and have been very successful over the course of several years.

As is the case with any educational institution, significant money is necessary to run operations. Keith Mann’s recent fundraiser was able to garner $22,000.

Keith Mann has a strong connection to the New York area. The office of Dynamics Search Partners is located in New York City. Since the search firm focuses on the financial services industry, it is no surprise the headquarters is found in the city known for being the financial capital of the world. Mann has been running this company for many years and his tenure is marked by many achievements. A number of the most influential and impacting hedge funds and private equity firms are listed as client’s on Mann’s company’s resume.

As someone involved with financial career placement, Mann knows a strong education is necessary to enter into the field. He is doing his part to assist young persons who want the necessary education to rise to prominence in their own chosen field. Mann has stated he wishes to “close the achievement gap” for low-income students. This fundraising endeavor for Uncommon Schools helps with the cause.

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Meet James Dondero: The co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the co-founder and chief executive of Highland Capital Management, who have enjoy a very memorable career. The billionaire has vast experience in the equity and credit markets, focused on distressed and high-yielding investing. Since Highland Capital Management establishment in the year 1994, the company has been the forefront on matters regarding hedge and at one point in time, he pioneered the development of the collateralized loan obligation market as well as credit oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors globally.

Serving as the president and the CEO of the company, James Dondero has spearheaded the company all the way from scratch to being the leader in hedge fund investment. At the company, he is mandated with supervision of investment operations and strategies for both retail and institutional products designed by the company. The fact that he have gathered experience of more than 10 years in the industry, gives Highland Capital an upper hand in relation to its competitors. This is evidenced by the numerous awards that he has won among them the Lipper Award for floating rate opportunities which he acquired in the year 2014. The Morningstar’s 5 Star Award which he was awarded for global allocation which he also acquired in the same year.

James Dondero obtained his Finance Degree from the University of Virginia. Thereafter, he was awarded the title “certified management accountant and chartered financial analyst” later after his graduation. He served a number company before eventually establishing Highland Capital, among them including Protective Life GIC Subsidiary, under which the made a record profit of $2 billion from a company that had just acquired its portfolio. The profit proved Dondero’s potential for investment as well as a person who will guarantee success in any typical company.

Dondero’s reign has continued to rise as he has hired experienced experts at Highland Capital Management the recent one being that of Terry Jones. Jones was offered the position of institutional products. She has brought his experience to the company and is set to lead its discussion with major stakeholders in order to develop solution oriented business programs.

With the changes and anticipated financial crisis, Dondero has positioned the company at a point where its products will always outsmart those of its competitors in the market. Among the plans he implemented include buying into Argentine Bonds, with the company setting aside $12 billion to fund the project. The company is making a fortune by investing in such bonds as this will raise its capital base as well as its asset base.

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Handy Keeps the House Tidy

Handy is the best company around when it comes to getting the things in your home cleaned in a timely manner. I really love what this company has to offer. Employees that work here will discover that this is an awesome way to maximize their skills in cleaning, and many homeowners will find out that this is the best way to clean up the home without wasting days and nights on their hands and knees scrubbing floors.

I do believe that it is vital to have a company just like this in place to given your home the magnificent shine that it needs when you want to entertain guests.

It is essential to me because I like to have my beds made and dishes washed while I am away. When I wake up I don’t have the time to make the beds or get any dishes washed. When I come back home the bed is made and the dishes are washed.

It is a beautiful to get connected with a company that has employees that can brighten your day by cleaning your home. I never want to have to come home from a long day at work to clean my house. Handy makes it possible for me to avoid doing that.

It is going to be beneficial to have someone in place that can make your home shine. I really don’t have a problem with paying someone to clean, especially in the spring, because I like to spend my time watching movies or playing with my daughter out on the beach. I don’t have any desire to dust during the spring, but Handy has employees that take this on. That is why there are so many people that are booking the appointments to make their lives much easier. It can be very helpful to have someone in place that make your home presentable for guests.

I have friends, and I like to entertain. Having access to Handy just makes everything easy.

I can take comfort in inviting people to my home. I know that Handy will make my home spotless.

Class Dojo Is Dedicated To Improving The Classroom Environment

Bringing instructors, parents, and students together is what Class Dojo does best. Since launching in 2011, Class Dojo has been allowing parents to connect with their children in the classroom. The innovative application also allows users to share photos, videos, and special moments from in the classroom among parents and teachers. Now parents can stay tuned on every holiday and event taking place in school.

One of the biggest attractions for Class Dojo is the positive environment it builds within the classroom and the communication it offers parents. Students are able to receive positive encouragement, which enables them to feel confident showing off their accomplishments and abilities.

Students and parents alike are provided with feedback and reminders of what needs to be done is a huge help for everyone. Instead of the instructors having to send students home with a note, they can directly address the problem through Class Dojo in a positive manner. This gives students an incentive to change their behavior instead of hiding what they do from their parents. Class Dojo is the perfect tool for allowing teachers to send clear and productive messages.

Communication between the teacher, student, and parents has always been a key to success within the classroom, with Class Dojo, communication has never been easier. The program is being using in two thirds of all US schools everyday and is helping to provide a more positive classroom experience. This is especially helpful to parents who are busy with errands and work so they can keep in touch with their child’s teachers.

Since the rise of digital technology and apps, it’s clear that it is here to stay. Class Dojo stays current with their technology and updates to ensure and properly working app. The program is widely compatible and network secure to ensure all users ease of use. Class Dojo aims for positivity, which is why it comes with video and photo capabilities for sharing classroom moments easily.

There are no downsides to using Class Dojo, since it is free and is all about helping. Regardless of the scenario Class Dojo can help when it comes to school. Parents and teachers can inform each other of missed information, such as trips or signed papers right through the app to ensure no one ever misses a moment. Class Dojo is all about building the community around school and creating a positive environment where students and parent can feel engaged. Becoming involved in the classroom is only a finger tap away.


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Dick DeVos Appoints new CEO bringing new experience in business

Dick DeVos has improved his business in terms of ensuring the right leadership is in place in his enterprises. He has recently appointed a new Chief Executive officer to steer the progress in The Stow Company Inc. The new CEO that has been appointed is Phil Dolci, who is 48 years old and brings with him over 23 years of experience in marketing and manufacturing of consumer products. The company is one of the largest businesses that are involved with developing customized home storage and products that are aimed at offering organization storage facilities.


Dick DeVos was born in 1955 and he currently resides in Michigan, United States of America. He is active in politics and he is married to Betsy Prince where they have four children. Dick DeVos began his work as an entrepreneur when he was employed in his father’s business in the year 1974. He held various positions among them being research and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and also the finance sector.


Dick DeVos grew the company by improving the sales in overseas countries to over 5 % as a vice president of the business. He also steered the opening of other future business activities in other nations, and it grew exceedingly under his leadership. The family later acquired a basketball team, Orlando Magic in 1991. He later became president and CEO of the club. In the basketball team he was a visionary leader, community- conscious and above all he was intelligent in his duties.


He later rejoined the Amway after leaving the Orlando magic positions where he replaced his father and co founder Rich DeVos. The company grew enormously reporting operations in over 50 countries and in other parts of the world. He made the brand an international brand by his experience in the business sector. Working at the company he led a corporate restructure process that enabled them to create Alticor. The latter is the new former company of Amway and other businesses. He later left the leadership position in 2002 where he left his brother Doug DeVos to continue running the business.


Dick DeVos also founded the Windquest Group an umbrella of various businesses and investments in technology, manufacturing and other various sectors. It is day in day out involved in providing solutions in regards to technology and other energy providing solutions. He is the president of the company and being owned by also his wife, the duo is also veering in involved in other businesses.


There are many of us who take out freedom for granted. Just by taking in a breathe of air, we take our freedoms for granted. It’s time for all of us to take a look at what we have, understanding how grateful we should really be.

What better way to illustrate this point by speaking about Yeonmi Park. She is a woman who has never know what true freedom was. She never even heard the word until she gained her freedom. This is how foreign the concept was to her. In fact, the happiest moment in her life in the past was when she got food. How is that for a dose of reality?

“My father died early on in North Korea, which is where I am from. He never had the chance to know what true freedom was. He heard about it from others, but only from a distance. He never got to experience it from a true “reality” perspective”.

“It’s funny. He never even knew about food or eating, as a whole. He would have been horrified over how much food Americans actually throw away. I mean, to him food was a basic necessity, not a luxury. If I had all the luxuries that Americans have growing up in North Korea, I most likely would not have left. I left because I wanted to have freedom. I wanted to feel what every freedom is really like. That is why I left. I am lucky to be here today. Yes, there are some facts which I kept hidden. I did this for my personal safety, as well as my family’s safety. Once you understand my story, you will understand why I did it all”. Park said in a New York Times interview.

When you read over Miss Park’s whole story, you really do get a good insight to how other the other side of the world lives. Her Amazon released book is really a remarkable stepping stone for someone looking to have a better life. Someone who pushed herself to leave her past behind and build a better life for herself.

You can read the full story on the Truly an inspiring situation.


Visual Search Technology: The Obvious Next Step

If you use the internet, you use a search engine to navigate it. The technology is known worldwide. You type a text in the search box and up comes a list of results. Searching for precise details or items can be time consuming on occasion.

According to Techcrunch, Visual search engines are about to change the way we search for information on the web. A recent annual developer conference for Facebook revealed plans for their own AI system.

They plan to “build systems that are better than people in perception.” After stating this, Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated the new tech that allows the blind to see by seeing what is in an image and explain it in detail. This will surely be a helpful and very useful tool for those without sight. This is not the only benefit of this type of technology. There are many new uses in development and some are already being used daily.

Technology like the cameras used in vehicles have been in production and development for some time now. Many are being used today (get full details at: This visual search tech that will soon take over is going to be the default way to search. Instead of typing text in a box, you can snap a picture and find the exact thing and many more like it. This is going to impact the business world in a very big way as well. Tremendously, if you think about it for a moment.

The rate at which the technology is advancing is impressive and can be implemented in numerous ways. These deep learning technologies are designed around the way our own brains process information. Now computers can identify (accurately) what is in an image almost instantly.

They are processing massive amounts of data at lightning speed. With all of the compiled data from various free sites that are in use, the computers have a seemingly endless supply of data to sort through and tag. One company that has it’s head in the game when it comes to this new leap is Slyce. With this company, you can have the visual search tech on your desktop or in your pocket. You can snap a pic with your mobile and search for the specific place or thing in the picture. The company is dedicated to bringing an easy to use, functional and accurate image search experience. How can this not be the obvious next step in technology?


Organo Gold Extends it Operations to Turkey

The founder and CEO of the Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, opened a new branch in Turkey a year ago. This marked the 39th country where Bernardo Chua had overseen operation openings of his worldwide gourmet coffee firm.

Bernardo Chua claimed that the opening of the Turkish branch will be a significant operational success for the Organo Gold. In keeping with the firm’s Global Footprint Initiative, the Turkish branch saw the unification of the company’s Asian, African and European operations. This has allowed them to serve their customers and distributors in an effective manner across the dynamic and diverse region.

Turkey is known to have opened a coffee house way back in the 15th century. This led to the beverage been knitted in the national culture, and the appetite continues to thrive among the citizens. Chua took the opportunity to recognize that the crave includes an up-to-date enthusiasm and understanding for products that are healthy. This made Organo Gold to fit perfectly in the country.

The Organo Gold’s Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Holton Buggs, pointed out that the increased interest of Turks in living an active lifestyle and the budding nutraceutical market had helped in the creation of awareness and demand for the company’s products. Buggs added that the company is still looking forward to serving customers who wish to incorporate Organo Gold’s products as part of their active and healthy lifestyles.

Organo Gold’s health benefits have been derived from a mushroom known as Ganoderma. This mushroom has been used for ages in the ancient Chinese medicine as a high ranking herb. A renowned doctor, Shi-Jean Lee, who lived during the Ming Dynasty, noted that taking Ganorderma regularly will help build a strong, healthy body and increase a person’s lifespan.

Paul Jarvis, who was the regional VP of Africa, CIS and Europe, was appointed to head the activities of the company in Turkey. The product line in the country was to include Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Mocha, King of Coffee, Gourmet Black Coffee, Espresso TRE, Espresso UNO and Espresso DUE.

Bernardo Chua has been a pioneer in the health and wellness industry for more than a decade. In addition to Bernardo’s participation in the health community online, he is founder and CEO of the Organo Gold, which is a company that utilizes an ancient Asian herb in their products due to its medicinal properties.

Chua began working with Leow Soon Seng and they established Gano Excel Phillipines. He helped in the expansion of the company to Canada, Hong Kong and US in just 3 years. Chua later went ahead and founded his own company, Organo Gold, in 2008.