Investment Banker Igor Cornelsen Thinks Industrial Production Contracts Should Improve In 2016 If The Government Steps In

Brazil’s two-year recession is entering its third year, and the miserable cycle of job losses and dreadful consumer spending are pulling the middle class backwards. Igor Cornelsen, the former bank executive that helped get the economy moving in 2008, said that unemployment could push past the 10 percent mark, and retailers will continue to report double-digit losses unless the government wakes up and starts using capital reserves to stimulate the economy.

Cornelsen is now an investment manager for Bainbridge Investments, the firm he founded when he moved to Florida in 2010. Cornelsen is still very active in the Brazilian investment market. He also helps other investors wade through the turbulent financial water that the Brazilian government has created. The financial turbulence is the result of recent policies enacted by the Rousseff administration. Thanks to inept management by the government, industrial production contracts have dropped for the last 22 months.

One of the biggest and most important industries in Brazil is the automobile industry. Several economists think car sales may fall by another 7.5 percent in 2016, but Cornelsen thinks that estimate may be low. The latest forecast for the economy is a 2.9 percent contract, but Cornelsen recently told investors that the central bank’s figure is 3.4 percent. If that happens, the unemployment percentage will continue to increase, and car sales will continue to decline. The auto industry has placed more than 6,000 workers on leave and cut back the hours of 36,000 other workers. Those workers would also be on leave if it weren’t for a government subsidy program that pays half their salaries, according to Cornelsen.

The Brazilian government has to attract more foreign investment money, and introduce more subsidy programs in order for the economy to recover, but there is little movement from the government so far. Mr. Cornelsen said General Motors promised to invest another $1.6 billion in their Brazilian plants, but they put that promise on hold because the government is dragging their feet on developing a comprehensive plan to end the recession.

But in spite of the lethargic government, and the other negative issues that has Brazil bleeding from its economic wounds, Cornelsen posted on facebook that he believes investors have an opportunity to make some serious money if they invest in assets that are performing but are undervalued. The Cornelsen investment strategy is to invest in the industries that are having issues now, but are expected to recover faster than other assets. Igor thinks industrial production contracts for mining, auto manufacturing and ethanol will see better times in 2016 if the government follow through on its promises.

Mr. Cornelsen is not predicting the end of the recession, but he is predicting that the government will have to use capital reserves just like China is doing to get the economy moving again.

The Story Behind the Daily Herald News article

For years, dog owners have been buying dog foods and treats for their dogs, and they have been on the search for the best products to give them. Peace of mind when it comes to what brand of dog food you buy is now easier to find. The Daily Herald recently did an article where they told of all of the ways the companies who produce the food that our dogs eat are starting to change their game. One of the biggest changes that is noticeable is the ingredients in the food that is being put on the shelves, things like real spinach and real meat are starting to show up in the ingredients labels of dog foods, and more natural ingredients rather than unnatural ones.

This is a big deal for all those who love their dogs and want to give them the best of the best when it comes to what goes in their dish. Filling the dog dish with natural and real ingredients is not the only thing that the companies are changing though, companies like the Purina company have also started to make changes with how they make the packaging that goes with the food. After all, humans are not the only ones who like to eat fresh food. Many people are saying that these changes are going to change the world for good, and many more people are starting to go for the buy when it comes to dog food. In fact, 45% is how much the sales for Premium dog food has gone up.


Beneful is one of the lines of dog food that was created by the company that is well-known and very popular, Nestle Purina Petcare. Having many great qualities to offer, the Beneful line of dog food is said to be one of the best lines produced by the Purina company. Fats, Vitamins, real meat, real veggies, real fruit, real grains and Proteins are just some of the great things you can expect from the Beneful brand.

Many dog owners have taken the opportunity to give their dogs the Beneful dog food, and almost all of the customers who did purchase a Beneful product were completely satisfied with the reaction they got from their dogs. The line of Beneful dog food is one of the best types of dog food on the market, and they even have 3 different types of food to offer, dog treats, dry dog food and wet dog food.

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Kyle Bass: Genius or Menace?

Last week’s Wall Street Week video featured J. Kyle Bass sharing his opinion on the rapid selloff of emerging markets. Bass founded Hayman Capital Management based in Dallas and feels that emerging markets have been through a lot but are likely to get worse before they get better.

Bass feels that eradicating corruption is the key to Brazil’s recovery. The country has been plagued by scandals that include “Operation Car Wash,” a money-funneling scheme that benefited some of the country’s political leaders, including the president, to the tune of $2 billion. Russia shows promise, according to Bass, but faces the challenge of overcoming “Putin’s global chess moves” and the sanctions that come with them.

Bass amassed his fortune off of insights and predictions such as these. He correctly predicted 2008’s subprime lending market collapse and made lots of news and lots of money in the process. Like director M. Night Shayamalan in 2001, Bass seemed to rise to the top out of nowhere. But, also like M. Night Shayamalan, his star soon fell.

Subsequent years have seen Bass fail to strike gold again as UsefulStooges indicates. He appears frequently on television, making predictions that many feel are self-serving and ultimately end up being wrong. He’s also formed an unsavory alliance with despised Argentinean economist Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. He’s also involved with accusations of unethical behavior from the widow of American sniper Chris Kyle and is engaged in some shady activity with Erich Spangenberg, a “patent troll” with whom Bass has colluded to exploit a stock loophole.

Bass continues to make economic projections. He claims Hayman Capital Management is heavily invested in Chinese currency due to its expected devaluation within the next 12-18 months, Bass reports. China is currently experiencing banking system losses similar to those of the United States’ Great Financial Crisis of a few years ago.

Switching To The OrganoGold Products For Your Morning Cup Of Joe

Coffee is a beverage that a lot of people enjoy every single day. It might be something that you only enjoy once in awhile or all the time. Because of the importance of a good cup, the company known as OrganoGold has made it easy for you to get one of the best brands and makes in the industry. They have a different type of ingredient used within their coffee that makes it taste delicious to those who like coffee. This ingredient is known as Ganoderma and it is a special type of mushroom that is rare to find but incredibly sustainable at the same time.

Bernardo Chua is the CEO and founder of the OrganoGold company and has worked diligently to make the company what it is today. Because of Bernardo Chua’s work, the company is one of the largest and most successful organic coffee companies in the world with millions of people buying the product each day. Stocks have soared in the recent past with so many people getting on the band wagon and learning what the ingredient has to offer. Because of the fact that the decorated Bernardo Chua has worked on creating this company and finding its product, it is no wonder that he has a real passion for coffee.

He’s said on Twitter that Bernardo Chua’s true passion is providing people with delicious coffee that is sure to hit the sweet spot. While it might seem strange that a coffee is made using a mushroom as its main ingredient, a lot of people are finding that Bernardo Chua has hit the right ingredient to be used in the company’s beverages. The OrganoGold company has been around for awhile and Bernardo Chua has created it to be a wonderful asset to those looking for a nice hot cup of coffee that they can enjoy.

OrganoGold is also highly sustainable and you can feel great about buying the product and using it every single day. Some people are using OrganoGold products as a treat for themselves while others have made it their go-to when it comes to that every morning cup of Joe. This is why it is a good idea to check out OrganoGold and see what it is all about. This is a great time for you to check out a different product to see if it is right for you. Between the work being done to the products themselves and the fact that the OrganoGold company is organic and highly sustainable to the environment, many people have been looking into switching and choosing this brand as the number one in their cupboard. There are lots of brands out there, but OrganoGold has the best possible ingredients that you can easily find.

Predictions in the real estate industry in New York City

The New Year is here and everyone is excited about it. The real estate industry in New York City is looking forward to a dynamic time, and everyone is hoping that the year will be good to them. There have been several condo developments in the past years that have been launched, and it is expected that they will start to get closings. In Brooklyn and Manhattan, new buildings for rental are expected to hit the market too.

Here are some predictions for the real estate industry in New York City apartments for rent in 2016.

The interest rates are expected to significantly rise with the corresponding prices. There has been a threat of interest rates rising for some time now, but the reality will be seen in 2016. The rates will go up, making the buyer demand to cool down, which will lead to cooling the pressure on the prices.

There will be deals in the industry, but they will difficulty to put in place, meaning that it will be hard to close them.

The buyers are also expected to take longer when making their decisions. Nowadays, buyers need to visit several house before they can settle on what they require. Most of these buyers have to consult too.

The existing gap between unrealistic and realistic sellers is expected to grow.

People buying the houses will focus more in the prime location when choosing their houses.
Baby boomers are also expected to increase importance in the market. This group is very important for the sellers.

The potential buyers in Brooklyn might be tempted to purchase new rental houses that will be offering initiatives.

Luxury condos that are considered to be from $10million located in Manhattan will increase in inventory as new buildings come up.

If you are looking for a firm to help you to sell or buy a house in New York City, TOWN Residential is the company to visit. The firm has been around for only 5 years, but it has grown to one of the best in real estate industry. TOWN residential has some of the best representatives, and they will serve you perfectly during your transaction.

Online Reputations Affect Business Profits

More and more individuals and companies are realizing the affect an online reputation has on business, according to a WhaTech article. There are so many different aspects of a business, it is hard to focus on what makes a reputation and all the little things that can break a reputation. Everything from social media to reviews on third party websites can affect business profits. A World Economic Forum study indicated that 25 percent of a business’ market value can be linked back to its reputation. With so much to consider, it is a wonder any business can focus on its online reputation.
This surge in technology has given rise to online reputation management technology and companies such as Status Labs. Focusing on positive aspects of a business can raise profits significantly. Consumers are extremely influenced by online reviews and the positive and negative views instantly seen by Googling a company. How consumers see a business is very important to its bottom line. A successful reputation management strategy will look at customer sentiments of the company, promote positive views of the company while down grading negative views, and fine-tune marketing campaigns based on location.
Status Labs is a company that has seen success in the online reputation management industry. Experts in marketing and technology, the team with Status Labs has helped many businesses with reputation crises and marketing campaigns. The company started in 2012 and has grown tremendously in the past three years. Starting out in Austin, Texas, the company now has offices in Brazil and New York. They serve clients from all over the world from businesses to individuals.
The company was co-founded by Darius Fisher, who is now president. Fisher has worked in marketing most of his life as a copy-writer with a marketing firm and on political campaigns. The company has grown its highly qualified workforce by 12 percent in the past year. As business and individuals realize the importance of an online presence, Status Labs continues to grow.