Slyce and the Updates on Visual Search Technology

Pinterest and are testing out a deep learning software that tremendously improves the shopping experience with image recognition tools. With both companies, users can search items by selecting parts of an image for more enhancement of the features.

Even though the Internet has changed a lot in 20 years, the text search boxes haven’t. Image recognition software are used to challenge that, and both companies are using a technique called deep learning.

Deep learning has recently enabled software to match people on some distinctions for image recognition. The new visual search tool for Pinterest allows users to draw a box around something on an image on the service to find similar, visual items from an index of over a billion. As a feature, testing example, drawing around a coffee maker in a kitchen photo turned up similar ones, including closed up photos of the same model. Pinterest also introduced over the past summer, a buy button attached feature for some items with the visual search. And now, the image search function is presented to all of the company’s website users and mobile apps. Pinterest’s system has learned to understand images by the attached text from people being drawn to photos shared on the service.

Kevin Jing, who is the head of Pinterest’s visual search, stated that the visual search has better chances in becoming indispensable, in which image representation that comes from deep learning is a lot more accurate. He further stated there has been much more improvement, even though the visual search tools are not perfect. But when a lot of people would use them, it will become clear whether or not the technology has improved enough to alter how people interact with online services.

In the past, companies tried to use image search technology to make the discovery and shopping of products easier. For example, Amazon used an app to look for products that are snapped in a photo with the Fire smartphone last year, but it was unsuccessful. In 2010, Google purchased, and this website launched a shopping comparison site used to find products visually similar to the product selected. It even allowed users to highlight important, image details to guide the selections. And as a result, Google’s visual search tool allows for visually similar products, but there is no capability to highlight the details. is testing a different technique to visual search that is also from deep learning. Being the first to use the image processing technology, this technology is developed by the artificial intelligence, startup company called Sentient, who has gained $143 million from investors. are beginning to test Sentient’s technology in the women’s boots area of the store. Users must click on “visual filter”, and then a grid of 12 images that represent the most distinct, style clusters from a catalogue of around 7,000 boots are shown. The user must then select the closest one he/she is looking for, and the software would utilize the visual characteristics of the selection chosen to refresh the grid in showing 11 more that are similar. When repeating the process a few times, the selection with the very particular characteristics of boots are shown.

Another great company for retailers to use for visual searching of products is Slyce. With their experienced and leadership team in this field of technology, they are significantly making a great shopping experience for customers and retailers.

For one thing, Slyce has a universal scanner that is a great solution used for the most accurate, image recognition devices available today. The visual search technology incorporates the top features of several of their competitors in one product solution. In solutions for e-tailers and retailers, the use of image recognition technology are available in both desktop and mobile devices, in which activation of visual product recognition of existing product images, or the simple snapping of a photo is granted.

U.S. Money Reserve Is A Top Provider of Precious Metal Coins

Investing in precious metals, gold, silver, and platinum, has become incredibly popular over the past decade. The Great Recession opened people’s eyes towards diversifying their holdings into investments they previously were not involved with. Precious metal coins are attractive to both these new investors and ones who have been putting money into such assets for years. U.S. Money Reserve is a company that has facilitated the sales to all manner of different buyers.

The coins offered in the inventory of U.S. Money Reserve is impressive and contains numerous top selections created by the U.S. Mint. (The current president of U.S. Money reserve is a former director of the U.S. Mint as well.) All the coins available through U.S. Money Reserve are backed by the U.S. Mint and this should instill confidence in buyers.

Further boosting confidence should be the research process that goes into the acquisition. Serious thought and consideration goes into the decision-making process in regards to which coins are acquired. Clients definitely benefit from this careful approach of procuring coins. Anything acquired through the U.S. Mint is legal tender in the United States. The legitimacy of the coins – and the government backing of the purity – should put to rest any concerns over the legitimacy of the selections.

The company also strives to provide the best customer service experience. Not everyone who inquires of U.S. Money Reserve has purchased gold coins before and the sales representatives understand this. A lot of patience is provided when inquiring buyers ask questions of the representatives and the sales team works hard to make sure the would-be customer is pleased with any purchase if he or she decides to go forward with one.

And the shipping process will move forward without unnecessary delays. Proper steps will go into packaging and shipping so no one has to worry about the actual deliver of the purchase.

U.S. Money Reserve remains a very interesting company in the precious metal coin industry. Follow the activity of the company on social media by checking out Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow the business on Facebook as well for further updates.

Advantages of Having a Wiki Page and Why to Go with a Pro

The power of having a Wiki page cannot be measured. Whether you want to promote your name, brand or business, a Wiki page is an effective online marketing tool that amplifies your online presence as much as a website or LinkedIn profile.

Benefits of Wiki Page

The biggest complaint about Wikipedia business page creation is that they’re malleable resources that can seemingly be edited by anyone. But this so-called deficit is also a Wiki’s greatest strength. Create and edit content as you see fit, controlling the branding, biography and other information you want to share with a general audience. This material will have a significant impact on your online presence and reputation. Handled effectively, it will present you as a voice of authority, add prestige and credibility to your brand, business and persona, and enhance your visibility in search engines. 

Your Wikipedia content has to be managed carefully. A Wiki page usually holds a spot in one of the top five places of a Google search, regardless of subject. This makes a Wiki a powerful and free resource.

Wikipedia Guidelines

Learning to make a Wiki is not a quick and simple task, and not done properly can defeat its purpose. Your page can be flagged or removed, at the very least. At worst, you deflect the search engine advantages that the opportunity offers. That’s why it is important you understand how to prepare and make a Wiki page.

To start, you need to assess how to establish yourself as an authority in your field. You have to rely on resources that solidify your credentials. Are there articles or industry-related information online about you or your business that can be referenced and linked to? This is the most effective and acceptable course to take on Wiki. Third-party citations enhance your reputation. Citing your own work is not recommended unless you are a large company like Wal-Mart or SONY. 

It’s also important to remember a Wiki is encyclopedic, providing information, not promotion.

Once you have your material, create an account and get started.

Play It Safe: Go with a Pro

For a novice, the process of creating Wiki pages can be cumbersome which is why many businesses opt to hire Wikipedia writers. From utilizing minimum edits to neutral research supported by third-party citation, a Wiki page has to be crafted with care. If you really want it done right, consider a Wikipedia writing service that offers a multitude of experienced Wiki writers who will ensure you don’t waste your time or money creating pages that don’t exist very long. Leading Wikipedia writing service, Get Your Wiki is no stranger to the world of Wikipedia page creation and will send a quote within 24 hours at no cost. In this regard, managing your Wiki presence and ensuring your content is both textbook Wiki and serves your purposes.

Trend of Stock Market in 2015

Stock markets are unpredictable from one year to the next. It is hard to know what the future holds when it comes to these markets. In 2015, the year started very well for the stock market and went on without a hitch for the first seven months. Things changed in August through to October when a mini-crash hit the markets.

It was not that big because the markets recovered well even though the investors didn’t recover. They instead became worried and developed a negative attitude. When oil prices fell to prices that have never been seen before, investors became sceptical of the future of the markets.

Goldman Sachs and others explained that oil prices were expected to fall even lower. It only added problems to already worried investors.

Domino theory about other parts of the economy being hit did not help raise the confidence of investors towards the market, that at this point looked like it was moving from bad to worse.

Investors and analyst do not have a lot of hopes in the market based on the current situation of the market where it seems to be stuck on a plateau. They expect this trend to continue in 2016.

When it comes to buying stocks, it is important to note how the stock markets are looking. In the event of a weak market buy safe stocks that have nice dividends and are valued conservatively. When stocks move from poor to giving good returns, this is the time to buy stocks from successful growth companies, which will see their demands skyrocket. Stocks in 2016 are expected to be better than what was experienced in 2015.

One of the biggest players in the Stock market is Highlands Capital Management. James is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, he went to University of Virginia and graduated with double majors in finance and commerce in 1984. Jim began working as an analyst in 1985.

Jim is the Chairman and Director of different companies. They include Nexpoint, American Banknote Corporation among others. In HCM, Mr Dondero is tasked with ensuring that the goals and initiatives of the firm are achieved.

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BMG Bank Shines In Spite Of The Brazilian Debt Downgrade

Two of the three rating agencies have downgraded Brazil’s debt rating to junk status over the last four months. Unemployment is more than 10 percent, and it may go to 12 percent when all the figures are calculated. Inflation is pushing 12 percent, and the political situation is in turmoil, and that is putting it mildly. President Dilma Rousseff is fighting for her political life. Some experts say she may not make it through the first quarter of 2016.
But in spite of all those issues, BMG Bank is thriving. BMG Bank recently moved its headquarters to Sao Paulo in order to handle the growth the bank has experienced over the last 15 years. BMG Bank has been giving loans to people and businesses for the last eight decades thanks to one family that believes good banking starts with treating people fairly. The Guimarães family has kept control of the bank since the beginning, and there’s no signs that the family is going to give up control now.
BMG Bank is one of the leaders in the consignment credit business. Ricardo Guimarães, the president of BMG and Vice-President Marcio Alaor, have things at the bank under control, according to several articles published by Marcio Alaor is also the director of the bank and under his leadership, the bank has had a dramatic growth spurt. A recent merger with Itaú Unibanco and two mergers with other banks are all products of Alaor’s banking prowess.
Most of the banks in Brazil play it safe when it comes to spending money on marketing, but President Guimarães and Director Alaor decided that in order to make money they had to spent it, and they chose sports as the vehicle for that spending. BMG Bank sponsors football players as well as tennis and volleyball players. The bank’s most recent addition to the sponsorship program is tennis great Marcello Mello. Mello is ranked number one on the professional doubles circuit, and he wears the orange BMG logo on his tennis shirt when he is on the court.
Mello is preparing for the Olympics, so BMG Bank will get a lot of exposure in 2016 for that sponsorship. The Olympic Games start in August, but Mello will be in the spotlight all next year because of his ranking. The main reason Alaor likes the Mello sponsorship is he fan base is different than the football fan base. Mello’s fans are better educated, earn more and will spend more and that is the kind of clients BMG Bank wants.
Alaor and Guimarães have a solid client base now. Those clients continue to apply for loans, but in banking like any other business, there is always more to achieve.