A Big Quarter Three for James Dondero

The investment firm known as Highland Capital Management filed its quarterly statements with the SEC to reveal its investment holdings. Last quarter, Highland Capital Management possessed over 3 billion dollars in assets with its hedge fund. Despite the high amount in assets, this was an overall decrease of well over 1 billion dollars from the previous quarter. This overall holding amount is only 22% of the firms assets which has been revealed from numerous sources. In order to keep up with financial trends and stay competitive, Highland Capital Management acquired new positions with a number of financial transactions. The firm acquired holdings with Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr (Call)(SPY) which has a total asset value of 67 million dollars. Overall the firm purchased a total of 69 new stocks during the past quarter.

As well as getting new positions, Highland Capital Management also increased its holdings in the ever thriving information technology sector. In fact the firm raised its holdings from 16 to 18 percent in this particular sector. While the firm has acquired a number of stock holdings, it has also sold some as well to offset its recent changes. In all the firm has holdings in five companies which make up a large percentage of its hedge fund. The holdings include companies such as American Airlines, Salesforce, American Express, Loral Space and Ishares TR (PUT).

Jim Dondero is the owner and founder of Highland Capital Managment. He has owned and run the firm since it inception in the year 1993. During the last 20 plus years, Jim has made Highland Capital Management among the top investment firms in the world. It specializes in a number of financial activities such as hedge funds, wealth management, equities and collateralized loan obligations. It also has a worldwide presence with office locations in New York City, Sao Paulo Brazil, Seoul South Korea and Singapore. James has become a financial firm owner who has provided clients with a number of ways to best manage their money as well as providing leadership in this very important sector of the economy.

Dondero first studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia and graduated with top honors. He would then get his first job as a trainee at an investment firm. After his initial experience he would then become the chief investment officer which allowed him to get significant experience managing billions of dollars in assets.

Ricardo Guimarães Makes A Statement On China’s Economic Growth

Ricardo Guimarães has released a statement on BMG Bank’s evaluation of the Chinese economy, and his bank is a major factor in South American investment. The bank has investors who send money all over the world, and Ricardo’s most recent assessment of the Chinese economy could send shockwaves throughout South America. This article explains how BMG Bank is hedging against Chinese growth until the Chinese economy turns around.

#1: Changes The Chinese Economy Are Complex

China has helped grow its economy with multiple five-year plans that were created for many different circumstances. The Chinese Communist Party has been creating these plans for quite some time, and the most current plan features numbers that cannot be reached. The Chinese economy is not growing at the rate the government believed, and the numbers could be troublesome for some investors.

#2: There Is Much Growth in China

China has not stopped growing, but original figures show that the country’s economy will not grow at the rate that was once projected. BMG Bank based much of its investments on the economic projections created by the Chinese government. Ricardo believes that growth in China will more than stout, but he is concerned that Chinese projections could not be met during the current fiscal year.

#3: Ricardo Believes In Sustainability

Ricardo Guimarães believes in sustainability in all aspects of the financial sector, and Ricardo believes that the Chinese government’s new projections are more sustainable than previous projections. BMG Bank is satisfied that its investments in China will be safe, and the statements released by the Chinese government have helped to ensure that economic growth in Asia will be more than enough to help BMG maintain its own projections.

#4: How Does BMG Use Chinese Investment To Support Its Own Efforts?

Ricardo Guimarães belives in being as diverse as possible, and a recent article in R7 shows that he is willing to invest in any place that he believes is worthy of the bank’s money. BMG Bank is helping Brazil grow by the day, and diversity is the key to growth in the country. There are several different ways that BMG is making money through foreign investments, and the bank has become one of the leading investment houses in all of South America.

Ricardo Guimarães is a progressive financial genius who has been at the helm of BMG Bank for some time. His company has used foreign investments to ensure that its clients receive the best returns possible. There is more than enough growth in China to account for all of BMG Bank’s financial needs, and the company is standing firm with statements made by the Chinese government that economic growth will be more sustainable in the future.

The Aspire: A 17-Storey Apartment Developed by Boraie Development

According to a report released on the New Jersey Spotlight, New Brunswick was faced with similar challenges like many cities in the U.S. in the last ten years of the past century, despite serving as a major city of Middlesex County and also hosting the Rutgers University main campus. Unlike other old urban towns, New Brunswick rebounded back in the early 80s, although the progress has been at slow pace. Downtown area of New Brunswick boasts to have major restaurants and entertainment joints, but there are many low-rent houses available.
Today, several stakeholders in the real estate industry in New Brunswick including public institutions and private companies are redrawing the landscape of this area so that it can fit into the modern day needs. One of the major development projects underway is the construction of The Aspire, a 17-storey privately developed residential building. It is an addition of more luxury units in New Brunswick area. It is located adjacent to the train station which commutes to New York City. Tenants of two-bedroom apartments are charged up to $2,800 per month. The building has been developed by Boraie Development LLC.
According to Vice President of Boraie Development, Wasseem Boraie, the office space of the building began leasing late November, and a good number of potential renters had shown interests. He credits the stability in this city to the fact that Rutgers University was included among the Big 10 learning institutions for its ability to progress in the medical research and education. Residents of New Brunswick are searching for more features and options when deciding on the apartments of their choice, a condition that didn’t exist 15 years ago.
About Boraie Development LLC
Boraie Development is a real estate firm based in New Brunswick. Recently, the firm completed development of a new luxury residential apartment which is located at the center of New Brunswick, that is available for renting. The Director of Marketing at the company said that increase in population in this city has led to upscale of luxury apartment.

Tenants of The Aspire are allowed to use online systems to pay for their rents. In addition, they are updated whenever there is an event happening in the locality. Studio apartments are offered at $1,650, one-bedroom at $1,800 while two-bedroom apartments are offered at $2,700 p.m., all available with balcony and private terrace.

Venture Capitalist Development in Western Europe

Recently in news, venture capitalists have begun turning heads towards Western Europe for the prospect of setting up shop. It is a well-known fact that venture capitalists have been investing and profiting in foreign markets such as in Asia, South America and North America. As of present day though, venture capitalists are now looking at Western Europe as a way to stimulate the current stagnant economy.

Companies such as Intel, Google, Microsoft, as well as Salesforce.com are now looking for new European startups. This new fad is especially popular for companies that specialize in mobile payment firms, gaming, cloud software, as well as data-mappers. Startup companies are especially becoming more and more popular in prominent cities such as Berlin, London, Paris, and Stockholm. The reason is the fact that investing in startup companies in Western Europe tends to be less expensive than investing in startup companies within the United States.

European startup companies have a reputation of serving local markets and local purposes. They also have a reputation for slowly expanding. It takes several years for companies to even hit 100 million euros. One specific example is that of Xing which is the German version of LinkedIn. Though Xing is popular, LinkedIn is still the top choice to use among investors who are even from Germany.

One example of a famous venture capitalist company that has turned a keen eye onto Western Europe is Jim Dondero’s Highland Capital. This is an investment firm that specializes in developing credit-oriented solutions for both private as well as public firms. Several products that appeal to clients include separate accounts, CLOs, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, REITs, as well as ETFs. Highland Capital is a company that has over 22 years of experience thanks to Jim Dondero, the CEO and co-founder of this company.

Highland Capital is an investment firm that is currently residing in Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital has expanded so much that in November Highland Capital announced the opening of its branch in Tokyo, Japan. Highland Capital is still a growing company that has over 22.1 billion dollars that is constantly being managed. As an award to the hard work that this firm has provided, Highland Capital has been honored with the Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund Wins of 2015. This particular award demonstrates how dedicated Highland Capital is to providing the best and unique results to any individual who decides to become involved in Highland Capital.

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Operation Blue Santa Gets Help From US Money Reserve

Operation Blue Santa, a program ran by the Austin Police Department which supplies the children who are less fortunate in the Austin area with Christmas gifts makes a return in 2015 for the 27th year.

The city is treated to a parade with the Chuy’s Children Giving to Children Parade that helps to benefit the Operation Blue Santa Program. The trucks and floats of the parade will move along the Congress Ave with stops during the parade that will allow for children and parents to make donations to the trucks. There are more than 50,000 people in attendance who come each and every year to help children in need.
The holiday season is greeted with kids in need who are made happy by the locals as well as with a meal that will feed the whole family. Operation Blue Santa is known to help more than 25,000 kids each year and will accept donations year round. There is no set specific time frame where people need to drop off toys or donations. The program helps all those family out while running solely off the donations of the people.

The US Money Reserve is simply one of the largest distributors of the world for gold and silver. This year, the US Money Reserve is asking for the people who work for them, the clients they work with, the friends of the team members and family of the team members to donate to the Austin community in order to help out those children who are less fortunate.

The US Money Reserve will help the Austin Police Department to provide gifts for the children who are under age 14 with gifts that are wrapped and a meal. When the organization first started back in 1972, they began by only servicing 20 families and has grown incredibly since.

Starting at 8 am on Saturday December 19th, volunteers are asked to show up without registration to help load toys up and deliver as many toys as you can. When you are done delivering toys, the volunteers are greeted with a free BBQ meal to show appreciation for the help they did making sure each child is given toys during the holiday season.

Source: GoFundMe

The Genius Behind Forefront Capital

The CEO and founder of Forefront Capital, which has gotten a lot of press as of late, Bradley Reifler, has years of experience in the financial world and has founded other companies such as Pali Capital Inc, an international firm, which was on the NASDAQ for a couple years. Pali was later repurchased and the returns of this new and highly successful Wall Street Firm during Reifler, grew to more than $1 billion dollars in the early 2000’s. After resigning in 2009, Reifler created Forefront Capital; a financial firm that is globally recognized for its banking and investment services.

Brad Reigler is a graduate from Bowdoin; a Liberal Arts College in Brunswick, Maine, which teaches discipline together with patience in all things. Forefront Capital attracts high caliber business men and women who are the leaders in their field. These influential and high-ranking individuals, through word of mouth, are in turn introducing Forefront Capital to their peers in the investment management and merchant banking world. Success for Reifler comes only by working with investors that are accredited.

Reifler’s number one goal is to give positive power to all investors by helping them understand, through education, the complex world of financial investments at all levels and his articles in Reuters. He wants veteran and rookie investors to benefit from the various techniques of investing in the market by walking them through the concepts he has learned throughout the years while he was formulating his own financial career.

Here are some tips from Brad on paving your way to safe investments:

• Always consider the risk you’re taking.
• There are charges, so make an inventory of your expenses and also make sure you
have the assets that it takes to make that particular investment you’re
interested in.
• The safety of your hard earned income is paramount, so find a trustworthy
financial adviser for your funds.
• Don’t invest all your money in the same place; you can always add more in the
future if the venture is successful.
• Diversify your assets for a thriving investment and a winning outcome.
• Compounded returns are great for future retirement accounts, so start early.

Although a highly specialized firm, Forefront Capital and Reigler’s well rounded team of financial advisers see every client as loyal partners that will stay with his innovative and futuristic company for years to come. The financial institution provides asset management and profitable returns on investments with diminished risk for many of its clients.

Mr. Reifler has extensive financial training, and as a long-term, experienced entrepreneur, has instigated and run many start-up companies. He knows how to offer a unique product or service with great opportunities to his customers. Reifler wants everyone to be able to invest in the American economy and get a portion of the American Dream into their bank accounts.  Check out the Forefront Group website for a longer breakdown of the services they offer.

Reason Why Sergio Cortes Is The Best MJ Impersonator

The world of celebrities wasn’t built in a day and it wasn’t built by one person. Even in a modern world where we live in, people rely on one another to reach their business goals in the glamorous industry. Business owners affiliated to entertainment industry have based their relationships on communication, internet and of course real-world encounters. In recent years, relationship between this industry and the virtual world is being recognized as prominent, personable and expressive bonds as well. There is a new type of bonding arising on the internet where the industry is giving big opportunities for talented actors, artists and impersonators.

Sergio Cortes was introduced to the entertainment world through his employer on the internet. He went on to become the most famous Michael Jackson impersonator in a short period of time. The story is often told about him who joined the list of well-known public figures in the recent years. After talking with his employer, many producers can’t help but be inspired and excited about the opportunities they will have by hiring him. Rather than pose for cameras in different angles, Sergio Cortes is one such impersonators who has given many music and dance shows throughout the world and participated in a wide range of performance oriented programs as well.

Compatibility is an important component of the success of any impersonator and no impersonator is a close match to the King of Pop like Sergio Cortes. Whether it is in the real world or television, popularity comes from acceptance and trust. Sergio Cortes has consistently delivered high quality shows throughout his career as MJ impersonator. His employers are happy, fans are happy and many other producers doing business with him are eager to have him as a client. These deals have worked so well that many see him as a person with great future. In the real and virtual world, Sergio Cortes has chosen who he wanted to present himself and his fans have accepted him to be the best so far. In fact, Cortes often wears the same outfit Michael Jackson used to wear, even in public. He has been experimenting with his appearance and altering at will for various shows as well. The way he represents himself reminds his fans that he can go beyond physical appearance and express his comprehensive personality like Michael Jackson. In essence, Sergio Cortes is the best MJ impersonator alive.

You can follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook or Twitter.

Source: R7

New Life In Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are often looked at as a last resort and a bad one at that. The negativity attached to the idea of living in an assisted living home has been a universal thought, though many people don’t know much about actual facilities. Assisted living doesn’t mean there is absolutely no more independence in your life and that you’re dictated by a certain schedule and rules. Moving into these facilities shouldn’t be seen as a last resort or the end of the road, it should be seen as a wonderful way to live out your golden years with assistance as needed.  You just have to find a good facility, and that’s why reviews are invaluable.

Many places offer assistance as its requested, and let their guests choose with their doctor what works best for them. In most cases a general fee covers the cost of residence, meals, and daily clean-up but a deposit may be required depending on the facility. Individual laundry services may be an added charge, but many places offer daily laundry service for things such as bed sheets and towels. Most facilities include transportation and social groups as part of their package to ensure their guests are not confined to their rooms and have the ability to socialize during the day.

For those who are living or plan on living in the area of Southern California, Manse on the Marsh is a premier assisted living facility that offers a wider variety of luxury amenities. Founded and owned by Chris Skiff, Manse on the Marsh hopes to break the term ‘old folks home’ and paint a new, better picture for seniors and the way they view these facilities. Skiff is an honors graduate from UCLA and has always been focused on senior care and how he can improve it. At 23 Skiff worked with one of the biggest developers in southern California to create, build and provide affordable senior apartments.

Manse on the Marsh offers a myriad of top notch amenities as well as a few added bonuses found solely at their facility. Residents can choose from studio and one bedroom apartments, and residents can choose between fully independent living or their assisted living program.  Contact them for even more information.

They have a large and well paid staff of registered nurse on the premises twenty four hours a day as well as an emergency response team. Each guest is given a pendant they can use at any time to ask for assistance, no matter the time. They serve three meals daily as well as offer fruit baskets and hot beverages through the day. They’ve got a home-theater with fresh popcorn, library and computer access as well green space in terraces looking over the beautiful valley. Manse on the Marsh gives you a wonderful place to live out your golden years without sacrificing your independence.  Their twitter outlines even more of what they have on offer.

Beneful Delivers A Lot Of Original Food Choices For Dogs

Purina has delivered a host of unique products to the pet food market. The Beneful name falls under the umbrella of top Purina Store selections. The products boasting the Beneful name really are unique and original. The releases provide many ingredients a dog surely needs in order to maintain a balanced diet. A dog’s palate is going to really be appeased by the various flavors these Beneful selection. They are truly original. The following four products are among the most intriguing ones: Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food – Yes, a dog does have to maintain the proper weight in order to maintain its health. Dogs are not able to perform calorie counting, but a ready made mix of dry food with the proper amount of calories does the job for the canines. A lot of healthy nutrients are found in the mix, too. Beef Stew Wet Food – Whoever said only humans can enjoy beef stew? This wet dog food meal not only provides a protein-rich selection of beef, but also those fine ingredients found in stew. These ingredients include rice, barley, carrots, and peas. And yes, all those vegetable-based nutrients are present as well. Roasted Turkey Medley Wet Food – Dogs do not have to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy a wonderful turkey meal. The roasted turkey in this wet food comes with a host of mixed in sides and trimmings. Barley, peas, rice, and corn are all combined to create a hearty and healthy dinner option. Baked Delights Snackers Dog Treats – These treats are incredibly unique. How many other treats out there combine two different types of peanut butter with cheese? Dogs are probably going to get a real, pardon the pun, treat thanks to the original mix of flavors. Dogs definitely are not going to get bored with Beneful selections. There are so many of them, dogs can have a different dinner and dessert day after day.

London Vacation Rentals Allows Children To Learn About Different Cultures

I had such an awesome experience visiting London with our children on our last vacation. Instead of staying in a gloomy hotel we decided it would be much more educational for the kids, if we stayed at an apartment. I was so excited to find World Escape London before we booked our trip. If I hadn’t used World Escape we would have missed out on so much.

This gave the kids a much better understanding about life in a different country. We were able to find the perfect apartment, big enough for our whole family. We have three kids so not only was the apartment the right size but, it provided us with a kitchen. Having a kitchen on our trip was wonderful and it allowed us to save a great deal of money since we didn’t need to go out for all three meals.

We were also lucky enough to find an apartment with a washing machine. This made it so we didn’t have to pack as many clothes which was great. It saved us money in that respect as well because we didn’t have to pay overage charges on our luggage, since we were able to pack light.

Our kids were excited because they got to know some of the local children within the building which was a nice treat for them. Usually when we travel the vacation is centered around us and the kids go with us from one museum to the next, usually bored as can be. This gave all of us an opportunity to see what life is like in a different country without playing the role of a tourist.

This helped our children learn a great deal about other London from a hands on perspective. If we had stayed in a hotel they would have missed out on so much. Instead they made new friends and have decided to keep in contact by becoming pen pals. I can’t thank World Escape London enough for being such a user friendly website that made it easy to book our London trip. I would definitely book our next vacation through World Escape London.