The Bounty Of Ski Season

Winter is the one time of the year that anyone can enjoy the cold and the snow. There are many people that wait for the moment to partake in the winter sport we call skiing. For many, skiing is a winter tradition. Families from all over the country engage in this activity while enjoying the company of other skiing enthusiasts. There are many ways people can enjoy this activity – either by traditional skiing or by snowboarding. Snowboarding is a newer activity and it usually draws the younger crowd but it is equally as fun. While some people may go to ski resorts this upcoming ski season to enjoy the slopes, others will go to enjoy the ski resort itself. Ski resorts are great because they provide guests amazing amenities during their stay. The ski resort is usually the icing on the cake when it comes to the ski season.

The beauty of a ski resort is for total enjoyment. You can gather a few of your friends and head for the hills. Is there any place where you would rather be with a loved one? I can suggest two that comes to mind. The first one is Squaw Valley which was the host of the 1960 winter Olympics. They are one of the largest ski resorts in the United States. Located in Olympic Village , California. Here you can do some fine dining. Indulge in some shopping or just choose to sit by the fireplace and get lost in its glow . The Village of Squaw Valley has a lot to offer. It includes indoor and outdoor activities. You can enjoy the wonder land of the ski resort. You can go off the trail and leave your shoe prints on the fresh fallen snow. There are thirty lifts and more than 175 trails. Then there is Lake Tahoe Casino, if you want to try your luck. This place will definitely take your breath away. At least guarantee to get your pulse racing.
Then just as equal we have Alpine Meadows. Which has approximately 2,400 acres of terrain, 13 lifts and a drop about 1,800 feet. A great feeling for the avid skier. There are different terrains, from beginners to advance. Alpine Meadows has an average of 402 inches of snow fall that’s why they have longest snow season . While you are there, you may be lucky to run into Andy Wirth. He is the CEO of both resorts. He has worked in the hotel industry for 25 years. He has a lot if experience under his belt. He worked with the Steamboat Springs Resort (1986). He held positions as marketing office, executive vice president. As you can see he wore many hats. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Colorado. After all that, I heard he is a real down to earth guy. So go ahead make a reservation. I bet you will have the time of your life.

The Benefits Of Investing In Gold

When it comes to investing, having a save place to put your money is always desirable. But where in the world should you go when it comes to this? While some investments are safer than others, investing in gold is always going to be an option. Gold can fluctuate in price, the same as any other kind of investment, but ultimately, when the market starts to struggle, gold is there and it is going to be a fine opportunity for you to invest in.

Why Gold?

If you paid attention to the markets, did you notice that the value of gold skyrocketed to well over $2,000 an ounce? Now, that price is down to about half of that. Why is that exactly? Gold is seen as a safe investment. It is going to hold up against the value of the dollar and other currencies. It is always going to be there and it is not going to suddenly drop out in value like a stock, bond, mutual fund, real estate or almost anything else outside of other precious metals. So, when other stocks and investments start to decrease in value, gold is there and it becomes the safe location to invest into. That is why gold started to increase so quickly. So, if someone believes that the value of other stock markets are about to take a dive, investing in gold is the way to go.

When Will Gold Go Up?

Gold has dropped of considerably since the record high. It has been sitting around for several months now, as if wondering what direction it should go. Gold is a precious metal that you just are not going to know when it might go up or down. However, one thing for sure is that when gold does start to go up in value, it is going to significantly go up in value. Now, there is no telling when this might happen. It might be in six months or it might be in six years. However, when it does, it is going to increase often two fold. this way, all of the money you put into gold you can double. You just have to stay on the look out for when to sell the precious metal. As long as you watch the markets and stay on top of the change in gold price, you shouldn’t have any real problem with buying or selling gold. So, if you are looking for a potentially save investment option that is going to go up eventually and double or triple in value, gold is the way to go. It is just an investment that is likely going to take a bit of time to come to fruition.

If you decided to invest in gold, I reccomend US Money Reserve. It is one of the best specialists when it comes to gold investments ant it offers professional investment advices that will surely help your money grow up over time.

The Growth Of Purina Dog Food Products Like Beneful Through Sound Business Decisions

Purina dog food is owned by the Nestle Purina Petcare company, and they can boast about having some of the best and most quality dog food and pet products on the market. Since the merger of Ralston Purina and Nestle’s Friskie’s company in 2001, the dog food manufacturing industry has been reshaped and molded into Purina Petcare’s image. Purina dog food products come in both wet dog food and dry dog food, and they’re available in a variety of products for dogs depending on the dog’s age, weight, breed and overall health. Some of the products that are put out by Purina Petcare dog foods are Purina ONE, Purina Dog Chow, Purina Pro Plan and the ultra nutritious Beneful brand.

The early part of the merger’s history was historic for dog owners even if they weren’t aware. Purina Beneful shifted much of its dry food manufacturing out of the cities of Saint Joseph, Missouri, Jefferson, Missouri and Arden Hills, Minnesota, and it transferred a lot of those responsibilities to New York. This is significant because those three major factories were originally Friskies’ factories, and two of the major factories are located in Missouri, and Saint Louis, Missouri is where Purina Petcare decided to locate its new headquarters after the Federal Trade Commission approved the historical merger. After the dry Purina dog food manufacturing was shifted to th company’s liking, they decided to shift the manufacturing of the wet dog food mainly to the Saint Joseph factory. Then, the company unified their Latin American and North American operations, and they restructured that under a new division called the Nestle Purina Petcare Americas. One of the last major changes made in the early part of the Purina Petcare company’s existence was taking over and managing their own distribution in Asian counties instead of keeping it under the old adage of being “dealer controlled” which was a good thing because it allowed for better quality control, and there were better recipes developed for the food.

Purina dog food is marketed well, and part of that marketing is due to the philanthropy of the Purina Petcare company. Often times, philanthropy and marketing go hand in hand, and that does sort of make it an advertising cost for the maker. Many people might call the philanthropy a ploy, but it really doesn’t matter as long as dogs and their owners get help and benefit in times of need. When Hurricane Charley struck in 2004, it was Purina Petcare that sent 80 tons of food and over $100,000 to animal shelters. There was also a joining of Purina with the Canine Health Foundation to further the science of veterinary medicine and nutrition for dogs.

Purina’s Beneful Brand has always been marketed as being the most healthy dog food a dog owner could purchase on an average income. This is a statement that Purina has been able to validate through recommendations by vets, and the Food and Drug Administration also approves and endorses this brand. Purina dog food products are the superior products on the market.

The Advertising Giant in Brazil

Claudio Loureiro is one of the greatest names in the advertising industry in Brazil being the founder and the president of Heads Agency. The law graduate has been making headlines in the advertising industry and he has won numerous awards to show for it. For instance, he won the Colunistas Award for being an excellent professional in the advertising industry in 1997. He has also made himself a name in the social responsibility front where he won an award in 2013. Due to his skills and great sense of leadership, he also became a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization.

Among the greatest advertising firms in Brazil, Heads is one of the biggest in the country. I addition, it is the most renowned among all the privately owned advertising companies and it has been listed among the top 20. In the city of Rio de Janeiro, the company is listed among the top 5 biggest advertising companies. The company works under a specific principle which is to create an advertising agency that draws inspiration from life. The company has been very active in providing unlimited advertisement in response to seasons and market trends. Among its strengths is the line of competitive communication environment that the company operates in.

Via their Facebook the company has invested heavily in the industry and it has different products that it offers over the different mediums. One of its greatest medium that the company has really used is the television. Adverts meant for television are very effective and they reach a considerable number of audience hence the growth of TV advertising. Heads has utilized this space and it has taken advantage of the communication infrastructure in the country to make its advertising business grow. With the Brazilian economy on the rise and investment on an upward trend, advertising business has been on the rise.

Another medium that has really been very effective is the print and digital platform. The company has been doing enough marketing and advertising for businesses setting up in the country through these mediums and it has been booming business. Digital advertising is currently being fueled by the technological advancement and the growing internet connectivity around the globe. As result, this medium of advertising has grown to become the most effective considering the audience that it reaches on a global scale. As such, Heads has been taking advantage of the advertising opportunities presented by the internet and the print media as well.

What Happened to Tech Stocks?


At one time, tech stocks were considered all the rage. People made a huge amount of money earning great returns on tech stock. Today, tech stocks have a very negative connotation surrounding them. Most recommend against investing in tech stocks. To state that all tech stocks are terrible investments might be an unfair overstatement. It is true, however, the tech stock bubble of the 1990’s burst. In the aftermath of the collapse, a host of previously high performing stocks ended up becoming worthless. A few lessons have to be learned here. Among the most important of all lessons learned is tech stocks are not a good match for conservative investors with an eye on the long-term.

During the 1990’s, many of the publicly traded tech stocks did well because the internet was a brave new world. Massive interest in scores of new technological innovations helped generate a lot of interest and sales. Stock values grew huge because the assumption was demand would remain high and sales figures were never going to drop off. The conditions that were driving the value of the stocks were not going to last. A bubble existed below the surface and, when the bubble burst, a lot of investors lost money. Not all ended up with a bad outcome though.

Seeking advice on how to best invest money is strongly suggested. Professionals with experience generally do not advise clients on putting money into vehicles that are too risky for them. The investment banking firm Madison Street Capital has offices all over the world and provides support to corporations looking for safe and reliable investment strategies. Only through a close and careful analysis does Madison Street Capital arrive at any suggested paths to take. Individuals looking for investment advice are advised to work with a financial advisor that provides the same level of professionalism as Madison Street Capital.

Tech stocks are interesting to follow. Putting money into these types of invetments, however, really is not for everyone. In the current landscape, they have lost some luster. Ultimately, careful deliberation is necessary before putting any money into a tech stock.

Those who foresaw a bubble and sold their stock before the crash made decent money. Many people who got involved in high-risk day trading scored big as well, although such was not the case with everyone. Investors who put too much money into tech stocks and tries to make massive returns found the results did not bode well.

Eucatex: A Leader in Building Materials

Eucatex Group was founded in 1951. Eucatex began operation in Salto, which is the capital of the Salto Department in Uruguay in 1954. Eucatex is a Brazilian company. They first focused on producing and selling linings and insulation from eucalyptus wood fibers. Eucatex rapidly grew, evolving into what they are today. This company now sells to furniture manufacturers, large industrial construction, packaging, doors, plates, and even cars and toys. said the company works in both the construction and the furniture industry. In construction, Eucatex makes laminate flooring, modular partitions, doors, and coatings. Specifically when it comes to laminate flooring, Eucatex manufactures Eucafloor, which is composed of several lines. These include Prime, Evidence, Elegance, Classic, and Rustic.

Eucatex has three factories: Firstly, plates, paints and varnishes continue to operate in Salto. Eucatex offers a variety of paints. Some of the lines include Premium and Peg & Paint. Eucatex also ensures their paint will leave a quality finish. Eucatex also uses an E-Color tinting system so its consumers can have over 2,000 color options available to them. This factory is open in San Paulo.

Eucatex is also in the business of waterproofing. They launched a line of waterproofing material to control moisture and to stop infiltration in both internal and external environments. Two of the products developed specially for waterproofing are the Eucatex Waterproofing Wall Five in One and Eucatex Waterproofing White to Lajes.

Panels and flooring have moved to Botucatu, which is a city in southeastern Brazil. Finally, the forestry unit utilizes a seedling nursery.

Flavio Maluf has been the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex since 2005. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers for the company. Mr. Maluf received his Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering Engineer at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, FAAP. While in charge, Maluf has made Eucatex a multi-billion dollar company. His leadership and industry knowledge are what led to his success.

Understanding finance through Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is the current chairman of the board at the Dalrada financial corporation. This is a commercial company that specializes in providing comprehensive insurance, financial, and business processes through outsourcing products and services to different companies all over the country.

He has held this position since December 1999, having joined the company as a Director in August 1995. His outstanding worker profile has demonstrated just how enthusiastic he is. He has left a positive mark in virtually every business or enterprise he has worked for.

Brian has had a long working history with a number of companies both in America and in the United Kingdom. His many years of service have equipped with the necessary hands-on experience for the position he currently holds with the organization.

This is cemented by the several years he has been working for the company. Upon joining the company in August 1992 to April in 1994, Brian served as the company’s director of Technology sales. From this position, he was promoted to the position of company’s vice-president for sales and marketing.

He served as vice-president for sales for five months, from May to September 1994. From here he was appointed the company’s Executive Vice President. He served this position with the due diligence that saw him appointed the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer in July 1997.

His performance must have been exemplary that it saw him rise through the ranks so quickly. In April 1998, he assumed the position of the company’s CEO. It was not until 1999 that he disassociated himself from actively running the organization and joined the board of directors.

All this time Brian was able to familiarize himself with the company’s operations. It is the thorough understanding of this business and its industry that suit him best for the position he currently holds.

Under his leadership, the company has achieved tremendous steps towards success. It has managed to stay afloat not only financially amidst the ever growing competition but also its ranking in the stock markets remains unshaken.

His working history does not however start at Dalrada Financial Corporation. It has been one step a time walk through the ladder of success and leadership. He has worked with some other non-financial corporations and entities. This gives him the understanding of the business financial needs which the company that he represents seeks to satisfy.

Budget Art Collecting Might Produce Huge Returns

Some experts say art collectors are born. The experts believe collecting is an innate ability and that ability is triggered as a person ages. Other people laugh at that notion. Collecting art to them is a basic way to make money, but they do say it may take a while before that money is in the bank.

Budget art collecting has caught on over the last 25 years. Stories like the Adam Sender story make people want to invest in art even though they have no idea how the process works. Sender was able to collect more than 400 pieces of contemporary art, and since 2006, he has sold parts of that collection for big bucks. A recent sale at Sotheby’s netted Sender a whopping $70 million, and he still has a large portion of his collection in a gallery in Miami.

Sender’s story is one of those incredible tales of fortune. Not everyone has the money to buy $100,000 works of art like Sender did 25 years ago, but everyone can buy art that sells for $100 now. That $100 piece might be worth $10,000 in 20 years if you did your homework and a little research. The best way to do research is to visit a gallery and ask questions. Identify the artists that have made it, and the artists that have potential. If you find a young artist you like, do the homework and reach out to them. Talk to them and explain why you have an interest in their work. The key ingredient in a conversation like that is a real interest in their work not just a financial interest, but a true understanding of their professional intentions.

Budget art collectors always ask how much they should spend on one work of art, and there is only one answer. Spend what you can afford. Think about developing a story when you collect art. Great collections take on a life of their own when they tell a story, just like Adam Sender’s collection.

Eric Pullier Is Focused on Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is on a philanthropic mission to fix a few problems that have proven to be quite challenging for humankind. His emphasis is on using technology to improve the lives of children who have physical impairments. His initiatives are ongoing both in the U.S. and in other parts of the world.

Pulier has been doing this kind of work for decades. Early in his life he developed educational software programs that were used to teach those who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis how to deal with their disease.

People who used the programs were able to use their PCs to engage in an educational experience that used complex multimedia. Even those who lacked motor control skills and couldn’t use the keyboard were able to use a beam device instead. That allowed them to interact with their system while answering quiz questions.

Pulier was honored in 2010 at the U.S. Doctors for Africa benefit. The event took place before a packed house in New York City. Pulier received accolades due to his bringing technological innovation to bear in Africa for people’s health needs.

Pulier has also served on the Clinton Global Initiative as a member. For that initiative, he explored setting up a program that would be used to provide low-cost cloud services to communities that were not being served by traditional vendors.

Pulier is also the founder of the Ace Foundation. This 501C3 NGO maintains the purpose of changing how software is used in regards to the largest challenges facing humanity. They are working on multiple projects. That includes a plan for clean water distribution and an HIPAA compliant monitoring system. Ace has also partnered with HeroX as sponsors of ongoing technology contests to address major humanitarian issues.

Pulier also collaborates on and donates to “Campaign for Free College Tuition.” This 501C3 NGO was formed to provide tuition-free college educations to all Americans. The high cost of tuition has long prevented many qualified candidates from pursuing higher education. Four-year degrees often leave Americans in debt and many cannot even afford to go. Technology is transforming how education is distributed. This new campaign will tap existing infrastructure to deliver free education to many who may not otherwise receive it.

Pulier remains dedicated to his philanthropic mission. He’s a believer that technology is the main driver of a better world where some of the problems that face humanity can be eradicated. Most problems that are no longer around were once considered to be unbeatable. With enough effort they have been eradicated. The same can be done now with commitment and vision. Expect more innovations from Pulier in the future as he continues to pursue his objectives. The problems of the world will only be solved through effort.

Qnet Increasing Profits

Qnet is all about increasing profits and making the most possible money as possible. This is evident with its multi-level marketing platform. This particular platform is designed to help bring in money off of multiple sales, so no matter how often a product is sold, it is able to make money off of these particular products. This is also why it is moving its global manufacturing location away from its current location and to India, as the company is able to obtain the same level of quality through production and save money on labor and the cost of goods. All of this should go a long way in pushing more profits to the company and allowing it to do more with the money it brings in.

Multi-level marketing is a valuable means of increasing profit levels for the company. First, the company sells a product that it manufacturers to a distributor. The distributor then sells it to a retailer, but keeps a percentage based on what it sells. The rest of the profits go to the company. The retailer then sells the product to a consumer. The retailer keeps a percentage of the profits, with the distributor receiving a small percentage off of the retailer’s sale as well. The rest of the money goes back up the chain to the head of Qnet. This has greatly allows for the company to increase its profits as it can make money off of multiple sales of the same item.

Now, the only way Qnet is able to increase its profit margins is to reduce the cost of production and the cost of the material it uses for the products it sells. This is exactly why the company is looking at moving its global production location to India. India has cheap labor and it does not have as much red tape as China, as other nations are starting to crack down on bringing in products made in China. The material used to make most of the products can also come from India, so with the labor force and material located in the same country, production cost is greatly reduced, which means more money for the company itself. The company wants to expand its sales team into the Middle East out of Asia, so positioning in India provides this opportunity as well. it all just comes down to increasing sales and being able to boost production.