Boston’s Own Angel Investor Sultan Alhokair

The world of business can be very difficult to navigate successfully. Many people have big ideas and plans but lack the funding to carry them out. The best idea in the world is meaningless without the ability to bring it in front the public. Alhokair knows that any potential new company needs help. This may take the form of willing employees who are able to devote time to pushing the venture forward. Sultan Alhokair recently told Bloomberg that it can also take the form of assistance from other companies that can provide the new company with access to innovative leadership ideas and insights that will allow company officials to develop a basic business plan.

Perhaps the most important aspect of starting any new business venture is having access to working capital. A working capital fund enables those running the company to have a fiscal cushion that allows them to accomplish basic tasks such as starting a company website, ordering or creating the materials needed to have an inventory and hiring employees who can provide the kind of skills necessary for the company to expand and ultimately turn a profit. CNN reported that a company that has such access is a company that can also weather initial storms and figure out exactly what they can do to ultimately be successful in the market long-term.

Many kinds of investors seek to invest in new and growing companies. One such investors is Sultan Alhokair. Alhokair is an avid student of business who is based out of Boston, Massachusetts, an area known as one of the world capitals of finance. Sultan Alhokair currently has a job with the highly respected Retail Group of America. Here, he presently serves in the capacity of major project manager where he works hard to help the company run more smoothly and work more effectively with other employees and other companies. Sultan Alhokair is also noted for his interests in the financial world, where he has learned a great deal about helping to fund new companies and provide them with the kind of capital they need to meet the challenges of markets that are ever changing and ever growing. He is also a respected business analyst as well as a partner with the esteemed company known as Valia Investments. Sultan Alhokair graduated from Northeastern University in 2009. Here, he majored in the important fields of financial accounting as well as business management, a degree that led to his work in angel investing. You can follow him on Twitter.

The Dorchester Collection Offers Excellent Accomodations

The Dorchester Collection offers luxury hotels to stay in. They are a collection of 10 of them. Since these hotels offer the very finest amenities, many people desire to stay at them. All of them are rated with five stars.

What Are The Names Of The Dorchester Luxury Hotels?

The names of the ten hotels are the Beverly Hills Hotel, The Dorchester, Hotel Meurice, Plaza Athénée, Hotel Eden, Hotel Bel-Air, Principe di Savoia, Coworth Park, Le Richemond and 45 Park Lane.

Where Are The Dorchester Luxury Hotels Located At?

There are two in the United States, three in the United Kingdom, one in Switzerland, two in France and two in Italy. Here is where they are located:

The Dorchester Collection Hotels Have Great Amenities

There are plenty of great amenities in these hotels. From spas, pools and saunas to luxury items in the rooms, everything is the best in these hotels. Patrons enjoy great service too because they are treated like royalty when they stay in them.

The Great Foods In The Hotels

The Dorchester Collection hotels offer fine dining in their hotels. Patrons can dine on delectable dishes and excellent cuisine. Top of the line foods are followed by excellent desserts. Everyone that stays at these hotels tells will have the opportunity to delight their palates.

YouTube video highlight:

William Oliveri of Le Bar 228 at Le Meurice shows how to prepare his signature Bellini, one of the finest cocktails in France. M. Oliveri’s Bellini is his own variation, with peach puree and a touch of peach liquer to unite the flavors of the fruit and the champagne.

The Dorchester Collection hotels offer a grand experience. Since patrons love staying at them, they recommend them to their friends, relatives and neighbors. All are pleased with their stay and awesome experience when they stay at these fantastic hotels.

Fox News under Fire

Most new programs are credited with bringing fair and unbiased news stories. In recent years, there have been a few news networks that are under fire because of their inability to reach a broader area. Researchers that are invested in the Republican Party have recently questioned the authenticity of Fox news and its anchors. The Fox news team has the credit of being the very first cable news network that caters to Conservative Republican Americans. In the early 80s, the media was heavily dominated by the Democratic Party. Republican citizens couldn’t find a news channel that wasn’t geared at bashing them. When Fox news hit the scene, it was a complete game changer. Republican Americans could get their fair share of news and election coverage without feeling insulted by opposing Democrats. Fox news did very well for a number of years; Republican researchers who released their statements make claims that this all changed after September 11th, 2001.


News broadcasts all over the country were so shaken with fear that they often made claims that were fear-based and unsubstantiated; this includes the Fox news network. Ivan Ong was a bit disappointed in that. The only difference between Fox news and other broadcast stations is that Fox news continues to make fear-based claims. There have been multiple times were Fox news has had to apologize to its viewers for bringing less than true information. The Republican members who are calling Fox out still believe in the network. Their only wish is that the network finds a happy medium between conservative truth and unbiased reporting. The Republican Party demands to be taken seriously; the only way that can happen is if Fox news tightens up their ship.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Already Casting

Casting has already begun for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy sequel that is being helmed by James Gunn. The Marvel shared Universe is a large success which has others following pursuit. There are now plans to bring forth the DC Cinematic Universe, and even a Transformers Shared Universe ( which G.I. Joe could have been a part of). Avengers: Age of Ultron is already a billion dollar earner at the box office.

Even before the first Guardians of the Galaxy opened in theaters, James Gunn was already developing the follow up and getting ready to direct it. As of right now, he is casting returning characters as well as new characters.

The first Guardians of the Galaxy film was an interesting take on the characters, as Ricardo Tosto points out. There is already a 70 page treatment available that is the starting point for the sequel. Principal photography begins next February for the upcoming sequel.

A Hand Up, Not a Handout

There is a saying that perfectly depicts what it should look like when you look down on someone. “The only time you should look down on someone is when you are giving them a hand up.” For one homeless man, instead of extending his hand down to help someone, he extended his hand over. One step that can be taken to break the chain of homelessness, is finding a good and stable job. With most of the world being based in technology, people who do not have access to stable internet will have a hard time filling out job applications. Most homeless shelters lack internet connection because their main goal is to shelter and feed the homeless. Darcel Jackson used his computer skills to equip his homeless shelter to the Internet. Jackson sought the help of a tech company CEO, who at first mocked the homeless community, but in the end saw the potential that these people have. Jackson was awarded a $6,000 grant and they got the local cable and internet provider to access the homeless shelter to the World Wide Web. In 2011, Congress made it a basic human right to have access to the Internet. Some people like Ricardo Guimarães who are unaware of the homeless plight think that Internet access is a luxury. For Jackson, it is the only way for him to communicate with his 8 year old son. Jackson’s actions are not going unnoticed. Seattle is experiencing a rise in homeless citizens. The city is currently debating on whether or not they should equip homeless shelters with internet access. If they do, they will be opening up a world of possibilities for people with endless potential.

Target Corp Going More Natural

As the world is leaning more towards a healthier mindset when it comes to food, so are the big brand retail stores that carry groceries. People at The Aspire New Brunswick have learned that Target is one of those stores that is trying to shift their brand from a more general food store into something that is more similar to what you might find at a natural food store like Whole Foods.

According to an article found on reddit and written by GrubStreet, the Target cooperation is trying to accommodate the newer generation by providing them with food items that are fresh and healthy as opposed to what can be eaten out of a regular can. Target feels that people are actually looking to buy these kinds of food, which is why shoppers will start to notice that it is going to shift very soon from what they see on the shelves now to what they see there in a few months from today.

I think it is a good idea that Target tries to play along with this healthy eating fad, because everyone on the planet could benefit from another store that has somewhat better and healthier options. Many Americans struggle with overeating and weight problems, so it is nice to see that retailers are trying to help them with their goals. It will be interesting to see what the corporation does with this information and newer items in the next few years.

Best Boss Award

A happy workforce makes for a happy company. Chinese billionaire, Li Jinyuan took money out of his own pocket to fund a companywide vacation for his employees. Jinyuan is ranked 27th on the Forbes list of 100 wealthiest people in the world. The billionaire owns the Tiens Group Company. The company specializes in pharmaceutical industries, supplement production, and nutritional products. The workforce that it takes to run this company surpasses about 12,000 people. 6,200 of those lucky people were taken on a vacation to France all at Jinyuan’s expense. It took 142 buses and 79 hotels to accommodate the brigade of people.

The hotels, which were all 4 and 5 star rated, housed the group for the four day weekend. The buses took the group across France where they were able to see many of the museums and art galleries that France is known for. The group also took the opportunity to break a world record. The Guinness world record association was on the ground to measure whether the group was able to break the record for the world’s longest human chain. At 6,400 employees, the record was broken.

The team managed to spell out ‘Tiens’ dream is Nice in the Cote d’Azur’, while Ray Lane, record keeper, recorded the feat. The Tiens employees were elated about being able to take a vacation, free of charge. They mentioned be forever grateful for Jinyuan and love working for his corporation. Li Jinyuan is a prime example of what hard work and employee appreciation can do far a group of employees. It would be nice to see other billionaire companies follow suite.

Bringing the Treasures of the Earth to the People

Bernardo Chua is an individual who has the ability to see the future before it arrives. Mr. Chua is an individual who seems to have a mission of empowerment. He has been called a gentle spirit with a big heart. Mr. Chua is a powerful and humble person who is a leader and enjoys a life that has a genuine purpose.

The Father of Organo Gold Coffee
Mr. Chua is the founder of Organo Gold Coffee. He has been called the king of coffee. Mr. Chua is the CEO of this healthy coffee. He developed Organo Gold Coffee. His interest is in maximizing the benefit of this product. Wellness is incorporated into this brand. This coffee began when Bernardo was given a sample of ganoderma lucidum. This is an Asian herb. The herb is to ensure that the coffee is healthier. Bernardo created a coffee that is spreading around the world like wild fire.

Empowering People Through Coffee
Bernardo Chua believes that all people can seize the opportunity that Organo Gold provides. Mr. Chua is an exceptional marketer with an exceptional product. This is a man who believes in sharing the wealth of this coffee. He is not considered to be a man of greed. He has created a business opportunity for many people. He is a firm believer in family. He welcomes everyone into his business and treats each person as if they are his family. A warm and loving outcome has occurred within his Organo Gold Coffee company. He began this company in 2008. Interested in more Bernie Chua? Follow him on twitter!

A Man with a Mission
It appears that Bernardo Chua is a man with a powerful mission. Millions of people will endorse his coffee creation. He is also a man who many claim has the worlds best interest in his mind. His coffee creation is more than just an average cup.

The Success of Dan Newlin

There are a plethora of injury lawyers, and Dan Newlin is one of the best. I have seen his commercials and heard testimonials about this attorney, and many people seem to agree that he gets results. My experience with Dan Newlin comes through information that I have gathered from my own family.

I have a brother that has used the services of Dan Newlin for the Orlando office, and he was more than pleased with what Dan Newlin was able to do. The personal injury law field has a ton of people in the field, and Newlin seems to have the experience that it takes to continually gain new clients. He has acquired more than $150 million for his clients. As one of those clients my brother received a large sum in what I thought was a quick time frame. I am confident that no other attorney in the Orlando area could have done what Dan Newlin did in such a short time frame.

Newlin has managed to set himself apart, in my opinion, by gathering a strong team of lawyers that are able to dissect the facts and put together a strong case. My brother was a client for Dan Newlin, but I was the one that recommended him to go to see Newlin. I have seen the commercials for his services. I was aware that he was one of the top lawyers in the Orlando area. That is why Newlin was the best lawyer for the case. What Dan Newlin has done in both Chicago and Orlando is amazing. He has had cases where he won a $100 million dollar lawsuit for a teenager with a brain injury. My brother was not injured this badly, but my family knew that Dan Newlin would be the best choice for a personal injury lawyer.

He has won some pretty substantial cases, and his success has not gone unrecognized. There are numerous commercials and billboards for this law offices of Dan Newlin. He has managed to build a successful track record because he keeps his name out there. His marketing for his law offices is as strong as his law expertise. This is the primary reason that he has continues to be build a huge clientele. My family is aware of his talents, and he is the one that we would trust to handle any other injury cases that we have.

Marc Sparks, Philanthropist

Texas businessman Marc Sparks is sometimes referred to as an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He’d rather be remembered and respected as a philanthropist. Not a philanthropist’s philanthropist … just a plain citizen and father who wants to leave the world a better place for his daughter, and someday his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

A resident of Dallas, TX, Mr. Sparks is heavily involved in local charities. Since the late 1980s, he has been involved with the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter. He believes a man, to be a real citizen, must do more than just write a check occasionally. He himself has helped build homes with Habitat for Humanity. He is an active supporter of American Can! Academy, which is a high school magnet program focusing on the four R’s: reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic, and responsibility. He is involved with Highland Park United Methodist Church and its Carpenters for Christ program. He established Sparky’s Kids, a foundation that gives away computers to children. He is also a major sponsor of the Center for Animal Research and Education, which rescues and nurtures sick, injured, and abused big cats.

Marc Sparks, the head of Timber Creek Capital for the past 15 years, is a businessman and venture capitalist. He has started and sold many businesses and currently maintains multiple portfolio companies. In fact, since the 1970’s he has been involved with more than 60 start-ups. Some have been successful and he sold them at a profit. Some were disasters and he learned from his mistakes. “Failing isn’t the end; it’s an integral part of succeeding, much as a soldier earns his stripes,” said Sparks. “We’re all soldiers in this battlefield of life.” He’s been involved with restaurants, healthcare, real estate, and telecommunications. He’s been owner/investor of Blue Jay Wireless for 3 years and owner/investor of Splash Media for 10 and a half years.

His book, They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success, was published in September, 2014. It traces his path to success from less than stellar beginnings to becoming a financial success. He admits his failures have taught him more than his successes, and hopes other will learn from his mistakes. Although he has the greatest respect for higher education, Mr. Sparks was a C student in high school. He’s living proof that even today, a college education is a bonus but not a necessity. Follow Marc!