Vijay Eswaran Celebrates Ten Years In The Sphere of Silence

Successful entrepreneur and businessman Vijay Eswaran is reported by PR Newswire to use an ancient yoga technique known as mouna to center his life and make sure he remains free of the stresses that affect the lives ofal most everybody. Being brought up in the Hindu religious tradition means Vijay has been influenced by the leadership and social values of the religion, a set of values that Vijay has used to make his successful business career a bright light in the world of industry.

As the co-founder of the QI Group Vijay Eswaran is one of the most successful businessmen in Malaysia, with the QI Group expanding from a localized business to a global organization. Despite his large successes, Eswaran has also used the techniques in his book In The Sphere of Silence to maintain a humble and balanced outlook on life that helps him find an inner happiness. Everybody in the World is affected by the long term stresses and problems of modern life, from climate change to digital distractions the use of Eswaran’s yoga based techniques is something everybody can benefit from in the modern world.

Sam Tabar Benefits Clients in Law and Finance

Most of us in marketing know that the industry is rapidly evolving, making strategy development a tricky challenge. I thought I would share this story I came across about Sam Tabar, a capital strategist who has defied all the odds and who I found to be quite inspiring when it comes to business success.  Many people combine professional careers that complement each other. Sometimes it is because they love both professions, and other times they want the knowledge of one profession to enhance the practice of the other. Sam Tabar put this into practice, developing a plan of marketing strategy that reflected both his law and finance knowledge areas.

After graduating with honors from Oxford University with an MA and BA in Law, Sam Tabar continued his education at Columbia University. Perhaps it was while serving as assistant editor of the <i>Columbia Business Law Review.</i> that he recognized the close relationship between law and business. Whatever it was must have ignited his interest in wealth management and capital strategies since his career has led to prominence in both fields.

After completing his degree at Columbia in May 2001, he joined the prestigious law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom, LLP as an Associate. He combined his law degree with business as he counseled clients about the formation of hedge funds, investment agreements, employment issues and various other business-related legal requirements. Sam Tabar is quickly gaining industry attention, most recently from major news outlets such as CNBC.

Gaining knowledge and experience with legal formations of business structures leads to a knowledge of the advantages of each. For example, investing in public corporations limits the investor’s risks to his or her investments. Investing in commodities can be risky for the novice. Knowing how to diversify investments to maximize profits and minimize losses requires a knowledge of legal liabilities of investors. Expanding the role of an attorney to wealth management and capital strategist is a natural progression.


In September 2004, he left a promising law career to join PMA Investment Advisors. He was eventually promoted to Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. His duties included managing all facets of a $2 billion hedge fund. In addition,

In February 2011, he joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch. As Director and Head of Strategy for the Asian Pacific region, he counseled hedge fund clients and targeted introductions to institutional investors about endowments, foundations, pensions and other investments. He also managed the capital allocations cycle between fund managers and investors. While at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Tabor built a file of 1,250 institutional investors.

In September 2013, he returned to the legal profession as Senior Associate with Schulte, Roth & Zabel, LLP. His legal and financial careers combined to provide counsel for formation of funds, management agreements, business structures and other legal contractual requirements for business structures.


Sam Tabar continues practicing both careers as a prominent New York attorney and capital strategist. He continues to prove that combining two complementary careers provides maximum benefits to his clients.

Mark Ahn Explains Marketing for BioTech Startups

Mark Ahn Explains BioTech Startups

When Mark Ahn worked his own biotech startup, he knew that there were a few things he should do before his business could be successful. Dr. Ahn knows how startups should work, and he has done his own research to make sure he is clear on these pointers.

The Startup Needs A Board

The board of directors of the startup must be made up of industry veterans who are going to provide leadership and expertise to the business side of the company. The people who have the vision for the company have all the training and education, but they need people who understand how to make the business last. The only way for this to happen is to avoid putting friends and family on the board in favor or experienced business professionals.

Management Needs To Communicate

The board and management need to communicate regularly. If these two sides of the business get into a war over how the business is supposed to be run, nothing will ever get done at the company of any real substance.

Get As Much Funding As You Can

When this was reported by PR Newswire, many people did not realize how long the product cycle is for these companies.

Mark Ahn’s Top Leadership Lessons

Mark Ahn Gives Advice On Leading

Biotech industry is a competitive field and Mark Ahn has given a decade of his life to this industry. Getting his Master’s degree in Business and then a Ph.D. in Philosophy, his experience in the industry of life sciences is vast, varied and exceptional. In Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, he has spent enough time in being an entrepreneur to understand the importance of leadership. In fact, Mark Ahn believes that good leadership is important for any and every job. Using his previous executive experience in various startups like Genetech, RXi Pharmaceuticals, Hana Biosciences, Essia Health, Galena Biopharma, Amgen and Pukana Partners, he is able to share his lessons on top quality leadership. 

The first lesson Mark Ahn offers is to learn about leadership from one’s predecessors. He stresses on the timelessness of great leadership skills that transcend day and age. Getting hung up on fads and trends in business leadership is something he dissuades people from doing. Instead, he recommends learning from those who are impressive and valuing great leadership, no matter which form it comes it.

It is no secret that leadership without integrity is useless. It can make institutions ineffective and dilute their value. Without integrity, both leaders and followers can quickly lose direction and find themselves in dark times. Especially for business organizations, the importance of integrity in leadership can never be underestimated. And this is exactly why Mark Ahn recommends business integrity as the second lesson of great leadership. 

In this dynamic world, good leadership has evolved with time. The principles might remain the same but those who are not blessed with good judgment would never find success in business leadership. It is important to be flexible and if people want to improve their leadership skills, they have to understand that good leaders are made of more than just intelligence or education. Character and courage are equally important.

The greatest leaders in the world always led their followers by example. They never left their followers with meaningless orders to follow but made the change in themselves so that everyone could see them and emulate. This is the fourth lesson offered by Mark Ahn.

The lessons shared by Mark Ahn would help to foster a system of give and take based on trust and understanding.

The Powerful Hollywood Mover Tom Rothman

Movies are about marketing. Nobody knows that quite like Tom Rothman.

In the world of Hollywood, you don’t normally hear about the power players behind the scenes that really make things happen. These are the individuals who work hard to make the pictures you see on the big screen really become a reality. In the world of Hollywood, just like actors, there are those behind the scenes who really stand out above the rest. Columbia-educated Tom Rothman is one of these individuals. He is a mover and a shaker in Hollywood, making some of the biggest pictures happen. His work with the big studios has been very influential in the world of Hollywood. 

Tom Rothman is currently the head of TriStar Productions at Sony. Before he served as the Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment for 12 years from 2000-2012. This marked a time where this company had the most profitable decade that it had ever seen. This is an incredible achievement for Tom to be able to have. During his stay with Fox Filmed Entertainment, Tom oversaw some of the industries biggest producers. He was in charge of 21st Century Fox, and also in charge of Fox Searchlight. One of his biggest successes was discovering the hit success, “Slumdog Millionaire.” Yearly Tom Rothman was in charge of over $8 Billion dollars worth of revenue. 

Some of the many great films that Tom Rothman has helped create have been, Lincoln, Cast Away, Juno, Borat, X-men, Master & Commander, Something About Mary, and The Simpson’s Movie. He was also responsible for helping the two highest grossing movies of all time being made: Avatar and Titanic. While Tom Rothman was in charge of Fox, their movies were nominated for 140 oscars, and grossed over $40 billion dollars in box offices worldwide.