Grab the Unusual Flavors From EOS

When you reach for an orb of EOS lip balm, which flavor will you grab? It’s easy to reach for one of the common flavors that we’ve all grown to love. EOS offers a delicious Strawberry Sorbet and a Sweet Mint flavor for people who want the tried-and-true flavors. But, why not expand your horizons, and choose one of the brand’s other unique flavors? When EOS came on the scene several years ago, it was their unique flavor combinations that helped the make such an impression. The brand has grown in many ways since their interception, but what’s not changed is the awesome flavors offered, good reading site here on


Some of the must-try EOS lip balm flavors include:

Honeysuckle Honeydew: We all remember picking the honeysuckle flowers as children, pulling the inside to reveal the sweet tiny morsel of juice inside. EOS brought the pleasure to adulthood, combining it with the refreshing taste of honeydew. This flavor combo is one your lips will appreciate.


Blueberry Acai: Do your lips a flavor favor, and try the Blueberry Acai lip balm at least once. The balm adds nourishment to the lips, while the burst of unique flavors sends your lips into a special bliss.


Coconut Milk: The name of this lip balm flavor says it all. Coconut Milk is sweet, creamy, and delightful against your lips.


Thanks to a low cost per orb, it is easy to get a few at once, or go back for a second or third purchase later down the line. You’ll certainly get hooked to EOS like so many others before you, so those subsequent trips are bound to happen, check this site Try all the wonderful EOS flavors at least once! You owe this pleasure to yourself.


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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Leading The Way Towards Better Oncology Treatment

According to an interview by PRNewswire in Boca Raton, FL, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America® will be working with NantHealth and Allscripts to enact a personalized technical solution which will enable Eviti® to obtain clinical workflows that are contained in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America® is expecting a coherent union of this support resolution. The Clinical Pathways program provides information about the cancer treatment undertaking, without affecting the physicians clinical progress. Hundreds of oncologists across the United States provided input towards the undeviating port NantOS. The clinical operating system holds a wide-range of information revolving around cancer care facts and statistics.

Clinical Pathways will provide more than facts and statistics though. It’s expected to assist in providing personalized treatment regimens for each patient, their diagnosis, and the state in which the disease is in. It will be able to provide comparisons between multiple treatment options as well as the cost based on the average market. Orders will be placed via touch screen which is more efficient than the previous system. The treatment regimens provided by Eviti® is held within the electronic health record and will reflect a collective approach to delivering care. The supportive therapies will meet the patient’s distinctive needs and enhances their quality of life while being subjected to cancer treatment. Patients and their physicians will have easy access to cutting-edge guidelines, unfavorable drug reactions, toxicity, and response rates. On top of all the information held within the system it will provide real-time functionality for the patients treatment and physicians access.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America® is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, and is a network of 5 hospitals that assists adult cancer patients. CTCA® provides care that incorporated advancement in genomic testing as well as surgery, cancer treatment, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and radiation. Included is supportive therapies combined with evidence to assist patients both emotionally and physically by improving their condition of life and managing side effects at any stage of treatment.

They are proud to serve patients from all over the globe at all five of its hospitals, located in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Tulsa, and Phoenix. They have been rated against other U.S. hospitals and has been acknowledged for administering highest quality in the patience experience and caliber of care. CTCA provides inclusive education about treatment choices to both patients and their families, and promotes them to participate in the treatment decision.

Find more information on Cancer Treatment Centers of America on LinkedIn.

EOS Lip Balm Organic Smooth

There are a lot of different types of lip balm on the market today, but you may want to try EOS Organic Smooth. There are many kinds, but this one is one of the best. You may not know what makes them so good, but you can find out by giving a try.


Strawberry Sorbet

This flavor is a great one to start with. It gives you a bit of sweet with a smooth feeling on the lips. This can give you a great soft lip as well as a great taste that will last for a long time. This flavor may also add just a touch of color to your lips.


Passion Fruit

Another great flavor of EOS is the Passion Fruit smooth that also gives the lips a slight sweet flavor. This one is sometimes better for someone that might still want sweet, but is tired or the Strawberry flavors that are very common.


Vanilla Mint

This flavor is great for you if you want to have that nice clean feeling the mint can give you with just a hint of sweet with it. These two flavors together are going to give the sweet, but also have a bit of something that will give your lips a tingly feeling that also makes your lips feel clean and fresh.


There are a lot of options for your lip care, but EOS gives you a lot of flavors to choose from, best review here. They also have Shea Butter that helps the lips to feel smooth and to heal the lips if there are any areas that are chapped and need the healing. You should take your time and find the best flavors for your needs, read related article here on This way you will have great tasting lip balms as well as happy soft lips. What are you waiting for? Get your EOS lip balm today.


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Brazil’s Gama

     Successfully write – Alexandre Gama has done so after many years of dedicated work. Neo Gama is also a top company that has been through many mergers and acquisitions and continues to hold its name and fame. It is one of Brazil’s best agencies for writing, advertising, marketing and so much more. You may find Neo Gama and Alexandre Gama online through multiple social networks, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr and even InstaGram.

This is Gama’s experience: When you push yourself hard, and then push yourself a bit harder, you can reach your wildest dreams and find yourself in places that you never imagined possible in any lifetime. Alexandre Gama is nearly 70 years old. As a copywriting expert of nearly 5 decades, he certainly knows how to hold his own and how to show others the path to better writing and even better editing.

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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, One of the Leading Human, Immigrants, and Civil Rights Group

There are many groups within and beyond America that advocate for human, civil and human rights. Such groups usually have the interest of these minority or undeserved groups and do everything to ensure that they are not treated unfairly by those in better positions.

In short, they act as the voice of these groups, ensuring that they get their constitutional rights and are heard like the rest. Some of the groups that fight for immigrants, civil and human rights include;

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles

The Coalition for Humane Immigrants’ Rights of Los Angeles is one of the most popular groups in Los Angeles that advocate for the rights of immigrants.

Having been formed in the year 1993, it is considered to be among the pioneer groups fighting for immigrants’ rights. The group focuses on educating, organizing, and advocating for the rights of immigrants.

Advocates For Humane Rights

Advocates for Humane Rights was founded in the year 1983 and has since then been advocating for civil and immigrants’ rights. The mission of this group is to implement international standards of civil right and to reinforce the law. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter

They do this by educating, research, and advocacy. So far, they have managed to diversify their portfolio into International justice, immigrants’ rights, women’s’ human rights, and human rights research and education.

Amazon Watch

After a continued growth in the oil and gas markets, Amazon Watch was developed. This group helps to protect the rights of the indigenous groups and is based in San Francisco.

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The Larkin & Lacey Fund is one of the leading human, civil and immigrants’ rights group. The organization supports the activities of various groups that fight for similar rights.

The foundation was established by the founders of Phoenix and the Village Voice Media, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. To start this establishment, the duo used money that they had obtained in a settlement for false arrest.

It had so happened that Joe Arpaio, the Sheriff of Maricopa County had arrested the two of October, 2007. The two had been treated maliciously, being arrested in the middle of the night, from their homes, and on false claims.

However, they won the case and were given a sum of $3.75 million as settlement money and they immediately put it to work. They knew that they wanted to help other people who were undergoing the same form of unfair treatment.

The Frontera Fund established by Lacey and Larkin concentrates on funding different organizations throughout Arizona and Mexico. They use the money to assist people in achieving their freedom of speech and civic rights.

So far, they have touched the lives of many and continue to do so through organizations such as Justice that Works, Aliento, Justice for Immigrants & Families Projects, Center for Neighborhood Leadership, Kino Border Initiative, Promise Arizona, American Immigration Council, and Can the Border Divide Us?

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


Life Line Screening is Bringing a Brighter Vision to Health Care

Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips found Life Line Screening in 1993, in Florida. Though, the company has since then been able to expand over the USA and also the United Kingdom. The company was able to expand well across the United States by 1998 and was able to offer screening to well over 500,000 people. In 2007 Life Line Screening was able to launch their preventive health screening services in the United Kingdom. Their service was once again expanded in 2008 to be able to include atrial fibrillation screening. Then, in 2012 using the companies name the organization was able to expand to be able to offer services in Australia and more information click here.

Life Line Screening conducts well over 1 million screenings per year and has done over 8 million screenings since the beginning of the company in 1993. Each year the company host over 16,000 community events at which there are screening services provided. The company has since partnered with several insurance companies to be able to provide more services to more people and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening was generous enough though in a recent article to provide several top health care tips for men. Including, if you feel like you are experiencing more stress then usual that you should try to relax. Some of the tips that Life Line Screening recommends for relaxing is relaxing in a hot tub, enjoying some good music, going to a social gathering or maybe just creating some detailed plans with some of your friends. Another tip that they recommend is taking supplements. These supplements should provide ashwagandha, magnesium, zinc and niacin. Life Line Screenings has been around for many years and hopes they they can continue growing into something great and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

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The Wide Range of EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Looking beautiful feels good. Looks are very sensitive, and they speak volumes about a person. As a matter of fact, it’s everyone’s desire to look good. For this reason, it’s important to select the range of beauty products to use carefully. EOS lip balm is one such product. It’s made from carefully selected ingredients to produce the fairest of all lip care products that can exist. It is manufactured from world known lip care ingredients such as sheer butter and jojoba oil. It’s time tested and is carefully designed to meet the tastes of a vast range of users. EOS balms are designed to enhance brand loyalty and form lifestyle routines to the users. Essential ingredients are combined in adequate proportions, colors, and scents. Some of the flavors include raspberry, blueberry, and apple, among others.

Eos beauty products are undoubtedly the best, and so are their lip balms. Their wide range of flavored balms keeps your lips moisturized all day long. They come in beautiful and attractive packs and shapes to meet different customer specifications and desires. They are carefully packed and enriched with vitamins and conditioning oils from worlds known premium ingredients. Eos lip balms come at a pocket-friendly price and are available in retail outlets world over, see for more info.

For sensationally and beautiful lips, EOS lip balm is a must have lip care product. Beginners who used EOS lip balms for experimental purposes experienced the significant transformation of their lips and are currently the leading product ambassadors that have helped expand the customer base. This product has a magical effect on itchy dry lips that become sensationally smooth within a short period of use. EOS balms are smooth and precise. They easily glide on lips and have user-friendly twist off top. Long time users authoritatively state that EOS lip balms are perfect for moisture levels and flavor. Best news here on

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Started EOS Balms for Amazing Moisture

EOS is the wonderful lip balm company that made its grand entrance to the stage nearly a decade ago. It was a bleak time. It was a time when if you had chapped lips you must troll to the drug store section of your local CVS or Walgreens and choose from a number of medicinal looking tubes that probably tasted just as bad as the packaging looked. Sure, there were glosses and stains, but none of those offered what we all demanded – moisture! It’s hot out there and out lips are the forgotten heroes of summertime. So, chapped and dry, we applied cake-like “stick” from a tube in the privacy of our own homes and then covered it with gloss, hoping for true moisture. Read more related article here on

Then, out of the purses and pockets of people like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus came a tiny ball. And what was in that ball was a revolution. EOS’s revolutionary lip balms were housed in adorable little balls that open in the middle and provide not only an incredible amount of moisture but a satisfying “click” when they close became all the rage.

If you haven’t tried EOS yet, here are some “starter” EOS lip balms for you to test drive. These ones are the cornerstone of the brand and have proved to be the best and the best, year after year. Order now!


Summer Fruit

This scent or taste can’t be truly explained. It is the heart of EOS. It is the most popular of all the spheres, housed in a gorgeous pinkish, orange case. The scents are all that is summer-esque. However, the individual fruits elude me.


Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet is the sweet and soft sister of summer fruit. Unlike the bold scents of summer fruit, this one provides exactly what was promised: strawberry and sweetness. It is perfect for an EOS first timer that is just getting to know the brand and wants that satisfying sweetness.

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EOS Has Many Incredible Flavors To Choose From

Evolution Of Smooth has become a household name in recent years and have created an incredible reputation for themselves. Although the company has only been around for a short period of time, it has managed to gain international success by blending clever marketing techniques with products and flavors that their customers love. Once the products hit the market, celebrities began to buy the EOS lip balms, which prompted fans to want to buy them as well. Word spread quickly as people began to realize how incredible their products were. Eventually, the lip balms spread across the globe and are now very popular in European countries like Germany. More exciting articles to read here on


Some of the most popular flavors in Europe are summer fruit and raspberry sorbet. Evolution Of Smooth makes plenty of other flavors too which is great news for fans because they have plenty of options and can try other new flavors when they feel like a change, read more here. EOS has seen a dramatic increase in sales and is expected to hit a $1 billion revenue figure by 2020. Their products can be found in stores all over the world and their high-quality lip balms can be found in most retail stores internationally.


EOS lip balm continues to create fantastic and fun flavors that anyone can enjoy, and the best thing is that they are affordable priced. They offer a quality product with mass appeal that isn’t plain or too expensive. They have managed huge success in seven short years and they are projected to continue to enjoy their rapid growth over the next several years.


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Avaaz’s Commitment to Making the World a Better Place

Avaaz is a leading online civil organization that is based in the United States. It has been committed to promoting global activism on matters such as human rights, climate change, animal rights, conflict, poverty, and corruption. Avaaz started its operations in January 2007, and it is regarded as the most powerful and influential online activism organization. The community’s name is transliterated from a Persian word “âvâz,” which means a song or a voice. Avaz has been striving to make sure that people across the globe are aware of different issues that can transform the world negatively. The organization is internationally appreciated, and millions of people take part in its activities.

The Avaaz community has a democratic mission that has influenced its objectives. The body is determined to eliminate any barriers are between different countries, uniting people from various parts of the globe, and the making world habitable to everyone. The transformation that has been brought by Avaaz has been felt by most people. It has made it possible for ordinary citizens to create active movements that oppose environmental pollution and corruption in governments. There has been an increase in the number of people who participate in the organization’s undertakings due to the accessibility of the internet.

Civil rights activists from various regions of the globe are working with Avaaz, and they currently use 18 languages. Most of the organization’s undertakings are run by volunteers. Avaaz has ensured that it attains success by using various methods that include organizing protests, lobbying governments, signing petitions, direct action, and supporting media campaigns. The undertakings of the organization have made the world better since the voiceless can be heard. It has been pressuring governments and corporations to consult communities before they make decisions that affect them. Avaaz follows the law when conducting its local and international campaigns.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.